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  • last night, the Pistons were taking on what many consider the NBA championship favorite Los Angeles Lakers.

  • And what did the Pistons do last night for your birthday?

  • Jalen Rose?

  • All I know is I said, Hey, Mama, the Pistons playing the Lakers last on tonight.

  • She was like they got LeBron James.

  • That's all she said.

  • But but shout to the Pistons because that's a big time victory.

  • Jacoby Bond.

  • Wayne Ellington, for those that don't know, is leading the league in three point percentage.

  • Blake Griffin scored over 20 points for the first time in a really long time.

  • Mm Plumlee had a double double in Rose.

  • Had double figure points, held LeBron James to two points in the second half.

  • Of course, they were playing without Anthony Davis, but there's a big time win by my hometown squad.

  • It's so fun to watch the evolution of an MBA player because Blake Griffin was so popular for his lob, catching his dunks and athleticism.

  • And now he's just like an old veteran out there.

  • He shot 10 threes last night.

  • He's always looking to pass instead of shoot, but it was an impressive win from the Lakers, but You also noticed something that the Lakers were doing without a D that you found interesting and involves a gentleman by the name of Kyle Kuzma.

  • What was that, Mr Rose?

  • Yes, there's somebody that's a veteran in the league, and I followed real closely clearly and been traded a couple of times when a player returns home, you want the guys on the team to give them their two tickets so they don't have to buy more for their family and friends.

  • You wanna feed them the ball so they look good in front of their hometown friends to get a chance to watch the TV on local cable.

  • But it also seemed like they were going to him almost like they were shopping him like they were almost, um, feeding him an opportunity.

  • And so I'm not saying that the Lakers are looking to move, called Kuzma.

  • I am saying that I've been featured before.

  • I got traded and while I was watching the game because, you know, that's my nephew.

  • So I'm like, Okay, they're giving them the ball, they really giving him the ball and I'm like they give him the ball again.

  • E play for talking.

  • So it was good to see him ball, but that.

  • But that did stand out to me.

  • Absolutely.

  • There's another significant game in the Western Conference last night, and that was between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Houston Rockets.

  • And the Rockets have now won four straight games, certainly better off than their trade partner of the Washington Wizards.

  • But what do you feel about this Rockets team?

  • Are they have playoff team?

  • Could they challenge in the first round?

  • What do you think of their four game win streak?

  • I feel like the Rockets have done a fantastic job of reinventing itself.

  • Think about the last time you've seen a playoff team in the off season trade.

  • One of the top general, I mean, let go of one of the top general managers, one of the top coaches and an M V P candidate, but still play good basketball while also planning for the future.

  • With the multiple draft picks they have coming.

  • And Victor Oladipo is in the final year of his contract, and when he's healthy, he's an all star.

  • So is John Wall.

  • They're in the same backcourt boogie cousins.

  • It didn't necessarily work out for him with Golden State or the Lakers, he playing for his basketball life.

  • And last but not least, who's that?

  • You know, it breaks my heart to watch.

  • Christian would play basketball for another team that's not in Detroit way last year.

  • Remember calling Jacoby Jacoby and not talking on the phone last March?

  • April and he like thes trash pistons and we like, But Christian would can ball.

  • Y'all got something to him.

  • At least he can ball and then in the all season way, lose him.

  • But I'm happy for him.

  • As you know, I'm really happy for him.

  • And when he was in Detroit, I called him the Discount Anthony Davis.

  • And three years, 40 million is actually that for him because he's gonna get a mega deal in 321 Absolutely Well, congratulations, Christian, Would you got your way out of Detroit?

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last night, the Pistons were taking on what many consider the NBA championship favorite Los Angeles Lakers.

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Jalen Rose reacts to his Pistons taking down the Lakers | Jalen & Jacoby

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