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  • So And we ask you think, Oh, to recall your most vivid Super Bowl memory, It has to be from one of those two Super Bowls that you won, I would assume.

  • Actually, no, it was the Super Bowl lost 2011 when we lost to the Giants.

  • And I'm surprised I remember it because Brandon Jacobs basically chipped my head off early in that game, and I just remember back to a point in that game I was on a knee offense, had the ball.

  • I think there was around seven minutes left in the game and we were up in the offense.

  • Was was marching down the field, and I remember looking up at the clock and thinking to myself, Man, we're gonna do this thing.

  • We're gonna I'm gonna be a Super Bowl champion.

  • This is This was gonna be my first, um, championship.

  • And I and I made the mistake of looking beyond the moment, and at that point, the often stalled.

  • They didn't score.

  • We had to give the ball back.

  • And then the rest is history.

  • That the Giants, um, took the ball Manningham with that crazy catch on the sideline, on down at the end of the at the end of that, Siri's as a defender.

  • One play you never wanna ever here is let him score because, you know, at that point you're trying to save as much time as you can tow.

  • Let the offense goto work, and we had to make that call.

  • And Bradshaw almost, you know, he was trying to stop, and then he went over the goal line there.

  • And I mean, that memory right there is forever in my brain and that that really that really pushed me to get back to another one.

  • And not everybody has that opportunity to get back to a Super Bowl.

  • But I think at the end of the day, you remember the losses more than the winds.

  • And yeah, the wind, the Malcolm interception.

  • That was great.

  • That was awesome.

  • But when you lose a Super Bowl, I'm telling you, there's there's not a worse feeling in the world to walk off the field, and the other team is running on celebrating their world champs, and you're you're seeing the confetti come down and you're going home and you have nothing to show for it.

  • Except for a C A f c championship bring, which really doesn't mean I don't even know where that things that I might have gave you that thing to my Pops or something.

  • You don't you don't.

  • You only think about winning that football game when you lose it.

  • It's forever in your brain.

  • You know, it is remarkable, and and practically every athlete I've ever talked to remembers the heartbreaking defeats Mawr than they remember the victories.

  • Herman Edwards has told me a million times.

  • He hates confetti to this day for the same reason you just described.

  • It was on the Eagles.

  • They lost the Super Bowl.

  • Do you think it would have been different if you hadn't come back in one those again?

  • You were on the field for the Malcolm Butler interception.

  • You were on the team for the 28 3 comeback against Atlanta.

  • How do you think it would be different if you would never come back in one Super Bowls?

  • I mean, look, I I think about the Buffalo Bills and the four you know, they had the documentary on the losses that they had in the nineties, and I personally couldn't imagine I could have easily been zero and three.

  • You think about, you know, those two wins that we had Malcolm Interception?

  • There could have been a many.

  • There could have been a few different outcomes there.

  • They run the football, Um, they do something else and they score there.

  • We basically lose that game.

  • And then the comeback against the Falcons if we didn't have that sack fumble by the guy behind me, Hightower.

  • You know, we wouldn't have been able to get back in that football game.

  • And if they would have kick the field goal, we lose.

  • So I think back on that.

  • And I'm grateful for us coming back in those games winning those football games.

  • But you remember, the loss is definitely more than the victories.

  • It's amazing.

  • It is amazing.

  • But it seems to be a universal theme among pretty much every athlete I've ever covered.

  • Thanks for those recollections.

  • Rob Ninkovich.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

So And we ask you think, Oh, to recall your most vivid Super Bowl memory, It has to be from one of those two Super Bowls that you won, I would assume.

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Rob Ninkovich relives Super Bowl XLVI when the Patriots lost to the Giants | Get Up

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