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  • You sure you're okay?

  • Yeah.

  • What the hell was that?

  • This is about me and you. I don't care about some tournament.

  • You giving up? Is that what you're doing?

  • No. I showed up. I'm here. I'm ready.

  • There's nobody here to watch now.

  • That's all you care about, right?

  • "Spectator sport"?

  • That's all you got.

  • Now you got nothing.

  • Walk away from it, man.

  • Ryan, stop!

  • It's on.

  • The real championship is going on outside.

  • Where the hell y'all going?

  • Y'all can't leave the Beatdown like that.

  • Fight? Oh, shit!

  • Light them up, man!

  • Watch his feet!

  • Kill him, Ryan!

  • Come on, Ryan. You past his door, baby.

  • Don't let him tie you up!

  • Come on, grapple with him. Get on the ground with him.

  • Yeah, baby. Come on, Ryan, get up!

  • Come on, Ryan! Get up!

  • Come on, Ryan. You did it before. Overhand right. Overhand right.

  • Jake, you're weak, man. You're weak, Jake. You ain't got nothing!

  • This is the Beatdown right here!

  • You got moves!

  • Nice shield! Nice shield!

  • Go for the ribs, Ryan. He's hurt. Go for the ribs.

  • Come on, Ryan! Get him!

  • Come on, Ryan! Get out of it!

  • Come on, Ryan!

  • Crack those ribs, baby. Break them. Tenderize them!

  • Go, Ryan!

  • Ryan, stop it!

  • Jake! Come on!

  • Don't freak out, man!

  • Jake!

  • What the hell are you doing?

  • Ryan, you're an asshole!

  • Come on, Jake! Tap out, man!

  • Jake!

  • What are you doing? Ryan!

  • Ryan, let go!

  • You're gonna kill him, Ryan! What the hell are you doing?

  • Jake!

  • Yeah!

  • Sorry.

You sure you're okay?

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A2 BEG US ryan jake hell man baby shield

Never Back Down Final Fight

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    Kenny Chang   posted on 2014/07/16
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