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  • We're in Locorotondo, Italy,

  • and today we're going to see how ricotta is made.

  • Ricotta is a very versatile cheese, we all know it,

  • that can be eaten in very different ways.

  • And, technically speaking, it's not even really a cheese,

  • because it comes from liquid whey when the milk is curdled.

  • So, today we're going to visit

  • a small dairy here in the countryside

  • to find out more about how it's made.

  • Let's go.

  • Ricotta is part of a family of fresh cheeses

  • that are normally eaten the same day.

  • Fresh dairy products are very popular in southern Italy,

  • where each region will make its own version of ricotta

  • depending on the milk used and its flavor profiles.

  • Puglia, the region we're in today,

  • favors a soft, delicate ricotta

  • made with liquid whey derived from cow's milk.

  • Bigger dairies that make cheese

  • often consider liquid whey just a leftover product

  • and use it to feed livestock

  • or even discard it.

  • But for smaller, local dairies here in Italy,

  • it is a great opportunity to optimize their resources

  • and get something great out of them.

  • Just like its sisters, mozzarella and burrata,

  • ricotta is a game of time and chemistry.

  • Today, Giovanni is going to show us how he makes ricotta

  • from 100 liters of milk.

  • Out of these 100 liters, only 10 will turn into curds

  • that will then make cheese.

  • But cheese is not the star of the show for us today.

  • In reality, as much as 90% of what's in here is liquid whey,

  • and that's all going to be turning into ricotta.

  • When the curds have reached the desired texture and size,

  • Giovanni will extract them and place them into molds,

  • which will go on to age and become cheese.

  • Finally free from its curdled twin,

  • the liquid whey is ready to be turned into ricotta.

  • Giovanni then starts heating up the whey

  • to add milk and ferments to it.

  • If we had to judge a step by how loud it is,

  • I'd say this is definitely a crucial one.

  • [machine whirring]

  • Thankfully for our ears, it was also a pretty quick one.

  • While Giovanni carefully removes all the excess foam,

  • we can see it slowly starting to surface --

  • the ricotta we came for today.

We're in Locorotondo, Italy,

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How Ricotta Cheese Is Made In Italy | Regional Eats

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