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  • I'd like to talk about the audience listening memory curve.

  • Typically, when you listen to any type of lecturer talk, you'll remember probably only about 20% the 1st 10% and the 2nd 10% to help your audience better.

  • Remember what you talk about.

  • You can take advantage of this off this audience memory curve and put it to your advantage by when you speak, creating categories for your listener.

  • So when you do have a topic that you're talking about, tell your listeners how many things you're gonna talk about.

  • Like for example, today I'll tell you about two things.

  • And then when you say 1st and 2nd, it helps your audience to remember better what you're gonna say, and you can use any category you can use numbers.

  • You can use categories of geography or direction or categories of best and worst.

  • All of those will help your listeners toe listen better toe what you're saying and to remember more effectively what they've heard you say.

I'd like to talk about the audience listening memory curve.

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Effective Listening in a Lecture Hall

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/30
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