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  • >>Erik: What have you learned about self confidence as you have faced some of those societal pressures

  • and challenges navigating through the creation of ``In Her Own Sweet Time``?

  • >>Rachel: What I`ve learned about confidence is that you must stick to your guns. You kind

  • of have to say to yourself over and over again, I have a purpose. I`m sending out a message.

  • This is my path. Find your passion. Find yourself.

  • >>Erik: You speak my language. That`s right. One thing that can be said about that is by

  • having the courage to put it out there, then you can discuss. If you donÕt have the courage

  • to put it out there, you never will be able to truthfully be able to discuss it with others

  • who have same or different views.

  • >>Rachel: I wrote a piece on my blog called ``Why I love conservative men.`` I think that

  • some of the most interesting conversations I`ve had about this book are with conservative

  • radio hosts because they really want to know why I`m thinking about these things. I think

  • that it really challenges some of their assumptions. There is an interest mixed with chivalry that

  • ends up being an interesting conversation.

  • >>Erik: What is an example of one of those conversations?

  • >>Rachel: I was talking with this radio host. I think he was in rural Alabama. He was a

  • military guy who got married when he was in his twenties, and traveled around the world.

  • In a very polite way, said ``I started earlier, I`ve had many travel experiences like you,

  • I have a family and am so interested in the choices you have made.`` It was an exchange

  • of different experiences. It was not judging, it was not condoning. It was just ``Here is

  • what I got out of it. Here is what you got out of it. Now we are having this conversation.``

>>Erik: What have you learned about self confidence as you have faced some of those societal pressures

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How to Build Confidence by Listening to Contrasting Views

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    Hhart Budha   posted on 2014/06/16
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