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  • I wanna be a guy.

  • Just a normal guy...

  • But stuck in this web of line.

  • I just wanna do normal thing.

  • like say Hello

  • I'm lucky that I have a disguise.

  • I have no problem walking into rooms of thousands and thousands of radioactive spiders.

  • Bite me, bite me makes it hurt.

  • Mix my DNA with yours. Let me be a freak that is the city needs.

  • Let's why they call me...


  • I do my homework when I can.

  • People said I am a mad man

  • Your friendly neighborhood SPIDERMAN.

  • I'm an awkward kind of skills

  • So i made a suit

  • It's skin tighten also red and blue.

  • and I also made a mask

  • that I never wear

  • How else could people know it's me?

  • This bad guy tried to win and this time is more embarrassing...Please make me work a little harder

  • Shock me, shock me, I'm so scared.

  • Please just let my life be spared.

  • Oh wait..It looked like you should have come with more prepare.

  • That's why they call me SPIDERMAN.

  • Let's hope I don't fail my exam.

  • Don't forget kicking bad guys ass... butt...

  • Your friendly neighborhood, SPIDERMAN.

  • Oh no. There's Mary Jane. So back in and get a picture without looking like a creap

  • She's got me spotted senses tingling and this changes everything.

  • Hey bae... They call me Spiderman.

  • Cuz I could do what a spider can.

  • Pick me up. I'm on the world wide web.

  • Wait... you mean the Internet, right?

  • Or Facebook... you could add me on Facebook.

I wanna be a guy.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Parody

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    cindychen0729 posted on 2014/07/16
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