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  • I called him up, so I want to do shoot you.

  • We had 30 cameras on Kobe, 30 cameras against the 10 17 Spurs, and he was miked, and the great great Phil Jackson gave us access to shoot in the locker room, pre game, halftime and post.

  • Mhm.

  • So what we wanted to do was have cold.

  • We have a running commentary.

  • So we looked at the schedule and Kobe said, All right.

  • When I come to the Garden will do to commentary at the game and I said after the game, You like to be tired.

  • You said, Look, we're going to do it after the games.

  • Mhm.

  • In that game February 2nd, he scored 61 points and as we were doing a commentary after the game, at that point, it was the record for visiting player at the world's most famous arena.

  • He was killing me every time.

  • Co.

  • Would seem he would say, Spike, the Knicks suck e.

  • What can I say way.

  • We just I knew automatically.

  • That's the first thing you say to me, and then we just laugh and hug.

  • So I'm just thing about beautiful wife, his Children, his parents and I don't know how you You really can't get over that.

  • But one other thing when I went to the recording had the stat sheet and he signed the form.

  • He says 61 points mass square garden Spike was all your fault.

  • E had this framed in my office cold.

  • We was such a just a beautiful cat, beautiful and And hours very happy in the win.

  • The Academy Award.

  • And I heard your story.

  • You know, about how one I mean could have on his mantelpieces houses they can reward.

  • And, uh, it's just I'm just sad today.

  • You know, I just flew out of capital Red Eye L A.

  • I really couldn't sleep because I was thinking about being on the air with you guys and also just the and did the Not a lot, but the warm memories I have of Kobe Spike, you're so important for the culture, specifically, even even basketball.

  • Hey, got game and things of that sort.

  • Oh, that's another thing.

  • I did not offer Kobe the role.

  • I told everybody.

  • Nobody's getting the role.

  • Uh, you got audition.

  • So he said, I'll open role.

  • I did not.

  • But, you know, he looked.

  • Kobe was not off season, just important him as during the season.

  • And he works during the off season on his game.

  • And Ray one of the reasons why Ray Allen got the part because he knew you have to sacrifice his off season, Ray, the day we finished filming, he went to camp the next day.

  • So not that many people could make that sacrifice.

  • Understand that.

  • Wow, I was gonna ask you how How important do you think Kobe was for the culture of basketball?

  • Hey, I mean, look, there's there's the culture is not one person.

  • It's, Ah, multitude of people who make their mark.

  • And Kobe had that swagger.

  • You know, Jay, you don't talk about, you know, it's what we do, baby.

  • That's just what we do.

  • That's the experience, you know, and we build upon we build upon it.

  • And this whole, we would like to say, is that there's never just one guy because there's always somebody before you.

  • It's not like you just showed up and stuff to start the happen.

  • No, there are people for you.

  • They might be anonymous.

  • No one knows they are, but people had put their life in line, blood, blood.

  • So we sort of people on the next level, the next generation to keep going.

  • And that's the plan.

  • Let's just keep moving forward, forward, forward and remember the great ones.

  • But also they're people who make great sacrifices that we never hear of.

  • But they didn't make the sacrifices.

  • We wouldn't be ableto Do we do the grandfather off African American Cinemas?

  • Oscar New show?

  • No, no, Whose guys?

  • Waas But he was producing, writing and directing movies himself.

  • No one.

  • But if it wasn't him, I wouldn't be here.

  • No event.

  • People's Ozzy Davis.

  • You know the people before you just don't show up in like it happened.

  • We're here because people died so we could do what we're doing right now.

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I called him up, so I want to do shoot you.

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