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  • Hi, I am Makoto Shibata.

  • I was born and raised in Japan on I studied English in Japan.

  • So English is my foreign language.

  • I consider myself very fortunate because my English instructors gave all the good instructions.

  • Um, help me improve my overall English skills s so that when I first took the Tofel test, I didn't really have to study for the test.

  • I got the score.

  • I want it now.

  • My tip today is the balance between learning the test, taking strategies and improving your English skills.

  • What's most important is doing the process.

  • Well, let's sleep.

  • There are many people I see, um, who who tend to focus on test taking strategies, strategies only believing that that is the most effective and efficient way of raising their scores.

  • Um, so they go over the test practice questions in the textbook, But that might not work too many people off course if they're English.

  • Skill is already good enough.

  • That might work best.

  • But if their English is still low off course, it doesn't really help them too much.

  • So doing the right thing means, for example, improving their English skills.

  • First on, take for example, in Japan.

  • There are many people who are afraid off the speaking section.

  • It's very difficult.

  • Improve the score in the speaking section, so they have to, of course, spend time on improving the score.

  • However, they almost gave up on it because no matter how many times they go over test questions, they can improve their score.

  • But they need to do is, of course, improve their speaking skills.

  • But they think it's a waste of time to work on improving their speaking skills.

  • This is unfortunate because, as you all know, if the speaking section score is not as good, it's very difficult to raise overall scores.

  • Even if they work on learning other test taking strategies for other sections to compensate their lower scoring the speaking section with higher scores in other sections, it's still difficult on.

  • After all, this test is testing the ability off integrated skills in English, English so well.

  • It's not just the test.

  • Uh, if one wants to improve the English, they have to work on overall skills.

  • If he lacks speaking skills, it's difficult for him to improve other skills and sometimes by improving the speaking skill, they can find listening and other things much easier.

  • So, um, you are actually watching many tips from other instructors?

  • I think there are many tips useful for you.

  • So if you watch what other instructors say and you find them interesting spend time doing those things rather than hitting the book.

  • One more thing.

  • For example, Uh, no taking strategy, no taking skill.

  • I mean, it is very important.

  • When you go to college, you have to be able to take good notes again.

  • My fellow Japanese students tend to tend to omit practicing how to take notes because they think is too difficult.

  • They give up.

  • But the test gives you a chance for you to see.

  • But scale you need to improve.

  • So think off the test like that.

  • Don't let the fear of the test conquer you, but conquer the fear of the test by doing the process.

  • Be patient.

  • You get, you get it if you're patient.

Hi, I am Makoto Shibata.

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