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  • I was like, Can I please be at this?

  • And I didn't even know who was gonna be in the movie at that time.

  • And then the casting announcements came and I was like, Well, this is great.

  • Happiest Season is a universal story From a new perspective, the cast we had was unbelievable.

  • The actors really understood the significance of this movie.

  • The characters felt really self realized, and the cast is so important.

  • They know the story and tough personal experience with things like this.

  • So who do they think I am?

  • My roommate?

  • They don't think it's weird that you're bringing your roommate home for Christmas.

  • No, because I told them that your parents are no longer with us going home to your family and not having to feel like you're betrayal somebody other than the person that they knew for the 1st 18 years of your life.

  • That's an extremely relatable feeling.

  • Okay, we'll just show Abby to her room.

  • What is?

  • You know, I'm gonna So if you're with me, Harper, I would never ask two grown women to share the same bed.

  • Kristen Stewart.

  • She's an actress who I've always loved, and she just blows me away.

  • And then, luckily, she was excited to come on board.

  • I have done like very few comedies in my life, so I was like, We got to get some funny people here.

  • Abig When Dan was there, it was like the president was coming to set when you play someone's best friend.

  • I would have met with her weeks in advance.

  • I flew in the night before we shot.

  • Fortunately, from the minute that we met, it was almost a relief.

  • We've said to each other I'm so glad that it's you.

  • Hi.

  • Are you the ex boyfriend?

  • Yes, I am John Abby's heterosexual ex boyfriend, and I have come to get her back.

  • Mackenzie and I took ice skating lessons for weeks before we started shooting the movie, and we were very proud of our ice skating skills.

  • You guys make gift baskets, right?

  • No.

  • We create curated gift experiences inside of handmade reclaimed wood vessels.

  • That sounds great.

  • Alison is the nicest person s.

  • Oh, it's so funny that she plays this like highly intense chick e think I've been scaring Kristen a little bit a number of times I have gone up to her and apologize like I'm so sorry, but because just the character is being that way e don't wanna have this conversation anymore.

  • No problem.

  • We kind of searched high and low for Mackenzie, who's gonna seem like such a really genuine person that that struggle is easy to feel for.

  • And I was like, McKenzie is the only one she understands love in the same way that I dio spending this much time with Kristen has changed me in a way that I'm so happy about.

  • E felt so supported by birth the entire way.

  • I felt like we couldn't make a mistake.

  • I mean, you were the love of my life.

  • E m all in on Christmas Happiest season has such a solid message that doesn't feel like you're being pounded with it.

  • It really just like, leads you nicely into a warm embrace.

I was like, Can I please be at this?

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Happiest Season: Meet the Cast (Featurette) • A Hulu Original

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