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  • in downtown L.

  • A.

  • Sits Hayato, a thoughtful kaiseki restaurants serving some of the most exquisite Japanese food in the city.

  • But with only seven seats, reservations are very hard to come by on the take out lunch is just It's hard to get traditional Bento is trained culture, so we made it for take out.

  • Always think about getting on the train and all my attention being focused on this box that I had brought with me.

  • You know, it makes me happy.

  • After studying molecular biology in college, Chef Brandon's parents really wanted him to become a doctor.

  • But Brandon realized that food could be its own kind of medicine, really close friendly, had a stroke, and I took him a bento in the hospital.

  • He became very emotional when he was eating, and I started thinking differently about food that you could take to somebody.

  • Some people consider this bento a work of art.

  • I used to be an architect, and so I think there's something so powerful about the way I auto does the Bento, everything so precise and detailed.

  • In a sense, it's kind of like the most luxurious take out box you can have well, said Johnny.

  • On top of being an architect, M.

  • I.

  • T.

  • PhD candidate, illustrator and comedy writer, Johnny has achieved something truly incredible.

  • He managed to score one of these bento boxes for lunch.

  • The way I always get them is by signing up for the alerts, and it'll tell you if a reservation gets canceled.

  • If you're fast enough, you can jump on it and be like I'll be there in 15 minutes And then you just jump in the car from wherever you are and try to make it.

  • It's a two day process.

  • A lot of stuff has to be made multiple days ahead, like the vegetables have to be soaked overnight in different stocks.

  • And so cooking the vegetables, it upsets me.

  • You know, we cooked carrots, the top of the carrot, the bottom of carrot cooks at different speeds.

  • E mean everything.

  • Every one of these beans is different.

  • Everyone's gonna say, Oh, this is perfect or this is undercooked.

  • But unless I cooked each one individually, none of us are gonna be completely satisfied.

  • But when you're talking about a certain level of precision E.

  • That's the level we're looking for in the bento box every day.

  • Thanks.

  • Well, look at this.

  • That's beautiful.

  • Everything fits together so perfectly.

  • It it's so thoughtful.

  • Like a carefully designed mosaic.

  • The 17 distinct items of the bento box carry a diversity of flavors.

  • Citrusy chrysanthemum, Greene's house.

  • Delicious wild Mexican shrimp.

  • Shin job.

  • That's really good.

  • Look at that.

  • It's a tend to sweet potato.

  • Oh, wow.

  • It's very decadent.

  • Um, yeah, that's great.

  • L a rewards driving around and finding the places you love for yourself here and just present.

  • Yeah, and anything and everything.

in downtown L.

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The Most Exquisite Bento Box | Japanese Food in Los Angeles | Eater's Guide To The World

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