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  • Adam has always brought a lot of information to us.

  • Max, I'll start with you.

  • What was your biggest take away from what he shared?

  • That the Shawn Watson is open to many possibilities as destinations, since he has a no trade clause, Hey, could shoot a lot of those down.

  • But if he's open to a lot of different possibilities, then actually the Texans might come out of this.

  • Okay, on the one hand, they look awful, because how do you blow it with the Shawn Watson?

  • Everyone knows that's on you.

  • That ain't under Shawn Watson, so that makes them look like the worst organization in the NFL right now.

  • And that's saying something.

  • There's some pretty dysfunctional organizations, you know.

  • On the other hand, Rosario comes in the new GM with a trade that is going to net him.

  • I would think conservatively, three first round picks.

  • I would think that's where the bidding starts since they're gonna be so many bidders and you just think Giant like Molly were Giants Sands and Daniel Jones didn't show a lot of improvement in year two.

  • But even if he did, you give everything you've got for D Shawn Watson, because if you have a really good coach and to Shawn Watson, you're gonna make the playoffs every year.

  • And if you have a good coaching to Shawn Watson in a competent GM, you're gonna be Super Bowl contenders.

  • When the odds come out pre season every year, you're gonna be among the favorites to make a Super Bowl run.

  • And that's what every fan in every NFL city wants.

  • With the exception of fans in Kansas City, there is no fan base that wouldn't be whose quarterback situation overall wouldn't be improved by bringing into Shawn Watson.

  • Couple of things that jumped out before before I say anything else and we'll get into this a little bit later, I think the Jets, with the number two overall, pick the number 23 overall pick.

  • The 34th overall pick, along with Sam Donald, is an option that puts them in the pristine position.

  • I think the Miami Dolphins, with the number three, pick the number 18 overall pick along with a second round pick and to a tongue of a lower.

  • I think that's another option a third option would be and I don't see this happening if the Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars was somehow willing to unload their number one overall.

  • Pick a k A.

  • Trevor Lawrence, UH, Clemson, Clemson national champion and obviously a stud for another guy who was a Clemson national champion and the start in De Shawn Watson if they were willing to unload picks, and that included the number one overall pick again, I don't see that happening, but then that's an option as well.

  • Those are the three things that jump out of my mind, but more importantly, as it pertains to your direct question, Molly as to what Adam Schefter had to say and what we're to peel from that.

  • The thing that really resonates with me was the fact that he said multiple players many players feel the same way to Shawn Watson does.

  • That tells me all I need to know about the Houston, Texas organization.

  • We have a state of emergency in the National Football League, ladies and gentlemen, in that state of emergency is that there is something going on in Houston that players are very turned off by and when the star quarterback wants out, and clearly he's made that known for weeks, and now he's willing to come out and announce it, even in the aftermath of hiring a black coach that's been in the National Football League for 27 years.

  • Um, you could Day and David Kelley.

  • We got a problem.

  • Something's going on in that organization.

  • Something happened, okay?

  • And even though Adam Schefter gave us, um, increments he gave them, gave us some nuggets.

  • And what have you clearly like?

  • He said, It's not even scratching the surface.

  • There's more to this than that.

  • But he wasn't willing to go that far because you wanna make sure you dot your I's and cross your T's before you really unload on the Houston, Texas organization in terms of specificity.

  • But in the end, what it comes down to is that J.

  • J.

  • Watt ah, pillar of the community, you're saying an All Pro ah, future Hall of Famer somebody who, until two Shawn Watson arrived and ascended, was the absolute positive face of this organization, walked across the locker room to personally apologize to D Shawn Watson for the team wasting his talents.

  • I suspect that if J.

  • J.

  • Watt did that, it wasn't just because of what transpired on the football field is something farm or reaching than that.

  • The Houston Texans have a serious, serious problem on their hands.

  • I don't know how far it goes, but this is Aziz bad as it gets, and I challenge anybody to show me a National Football League team where you had.

  • It appears to be damn near mutiny going on there, Okay?

  • Usually it's just because the team stinks.

  • That's not what's going on here is something formal.

  • I mean, Bill O Brien, who is in a lot of people's eyes.

  • Guys is considered a copra.

  • He left football.

  • He left pro football altogether and went back to college.

  • He went to hide behind Nick Saban at Alabama for crying.

  • I mean, something is going on with the Houston Texans.

  • We need some details.

  • Something ain't right.

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Adam has always brought a lot of information to us.

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