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  • There is no greater scourge facing America from within.

  • The president takes the opioid crisis very seriously.

  • The kid got snagged at the border.

  • A courier took a year of undercover work to get this far.

  • Maybe is dangerous depressed?

  • Big sale.

  • Now given what choice do we have?

  • Our product will be the first truly nonaddictive painkiller.

  • What was going on?

  • All the addiction centers are lighting up.

  • And then by day 10, they're dead.

  • I'm looking for my son.

  • Were you aware of any issues with your son?

  • Like what?

  • Based on your results, you want Northlight to pull their billion dollar drug?

  • That could cost you a hell of a lot more than your teaching job.

  • You've gotta have a plan.

  • A plan for telling the truth.

  • Careful.

  • Should this kid get a niche to name names that would be unpleasant for everyone.

  • They're gonna come after you.

  • But what you're doing now?

  • Maybe the most important thing you ever dio you had my son run drugs for you.

  • This'll is the biggest public health crisis.

  • Chinch tobacco.

  • It's not our responsibility.

  • Then whose is it?

  • It You cannot walk into that by alone.

  • We can't quit we can't stop What do you think we're here to do?

  • To make a difference?

  • Yeah.

  • Waken touch you anywhere in the world We're running out of time Last chance.

There is no greater scourge facing America from within.

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