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  • Jared Golf has had a mixed career with Ram.

  • Started off with Jeff Fisher.

  • Not so great.

  • Sean McVeigh comes in.

  • They do well, then they go to the Super Bowl.

  • But what Sean did is he had training wheels on him early on, turned to the sideline.

  • I called the play right before the 24th, right before the clock ran down.

  • They snapped the ball.

  • Boom, go boom, boom, boom!

  • Then they took the training wheels off of Jared Golf, and he didn't have Sean McVeigh kind of helping him along the way of changing plays and doing things within his headset before they cut it off.

  • And he kind of teetered alone.

  • So he's been a solid quarterback, but he hasn't taken 130 $40 million step.

  • He hasn't done that yet, And I think when you look at it, it's starting to become frustrating to shine as a coach because he could be a coach killer if he continues playing this way and if you continue to play him, John Wall for kind of gave them a different perspective.

  • I would say because this is that was the first time that any quarterback in regular season went underneath the center for Sean McVeigh because that was the first time Jared golf missed any time.

  • And now you see something different that you start to like.

  • It's like, man, if we, you know, maybe if another guy was in here, we may be able to advance because Jared's not playing well now.

  • In the last couple games of the season, as you mentioned, Zubin, yes, he had thumb surgery.

  • Doesn't matter.

  • He's still he played.

  • He played and he holds the ball too long.

  • He doesn't go through his reads in his progressions the way he should.

  • There's a lot of little different things.

  • This is the most critical time this off season for him in his NFL career is going to be this offseason.

  • Whether he's with a ramp or another team, it feels like he's on the Cliff key and Jared Goff standing there looking at the edge and Chamakh Bay and less need is like this opportunity comes.

  • We're kicking you right off that cliff.

  • You're out.

  • I hope you got a parachute e so he'll land on his feet somewhere because I think he's serviceable, right?

  • But I mean a couple of things about one.

  • Steve used the opening and closing line.

  • That said, The future is a beautiful mystery.

  • That's interesting.

  • I think I've heard that before.

  • A Iran Aaron Rodgers.

  • Okay, and then we have scenarios like Jalen Ramsey even going toe I g keep and actively pursuing DeShaun Watson actively saying You gotta put me upon the the I G that what do we lose him?

  • He put out.

  • He put up a post which said, Hey, sure looks like a l A walk to me or something along those lines when DeShaun Watson was, it was just a picture of the Shawn Watson in New York saying like Hey, we're open for you to come here E think that just speaks volumes when you have granted.

  • They're both represented by the same agent, David Margita.

  • But I think that speaks volumes about where not only the head coach sees your starting could you be and Jared Goff, but also your teammates.

  • When your teammates are actively saying hey to the public, I wanna have the Shawn Watson here because Jared golf in end of the day he's serviceable, but we got here because of our defense and Jared Goff isn't getting us over the hump to where we wanna be as far as winning championships.

  • You know, the interesting thing would be if the Rams really made a play at a D Shawn Watson.

  • What that team would look like with Cam makers that running back and Robert Woods and Cooper Cup in every tied in three.

  • Young Jefferson at the receiver and Aaron, Donald and those guys Taylor wrapping the Defense Society, ball brokers and those guys.

  • What would that team look like with Decision?

  • Now we know less need in the front office.

  • Have made bold moves before figuring out how to just burn up their draft capital to go get somebody that they feel helped the team win at all.

  • Costs be interesting.

  • I love the find out if Les Snead is even thinking that way, Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Jared Golf has had a mixed career with Ram.

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Jared Goff hasn't stepped up since Sean McVay 'took the training wheels off' - Keyshawn | KJZ

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