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  • Cesar's at William Hill is expecting points is the total right now for the Super Bowl is currently at 56 a half.

  • If that holds, it would be the second highest total ever in the pro football championship.

  • Despite the game being played in Tampa, Kansas City is currently ah, three point favorite.

  • And so Dan Orlovsky, I asked you to describe Tom Brady.

  • How do we sum up Patrick Mahomes and what he is in the National Football League?

  • Right this minute?

  • Best player.

  • Can we stop?

  • Can we stop saying that other quarterbacks are Aziz good as Patrick Mahomes?

  • Because there could be other great quarterbacks in NFL.

  • They're not as good as Patrick Mahomes.

  • This man just went like a month and played 30 snaps.

  • He was in concussion protocol this week.

  • He took zero full speed reps.

  • He's got turf toe.

  • And when 29 of 38 for 3 25 3 touch against a good defense.

  • Buffalo has got a good defense like the standard level is so ridiculous.

  • Ridiculously high that we're in danger of just glossing over that.

  • Like we're just gonna gloss over the fact of what he just did yesterday.

  • We can't We've got to stop that.

  • Appreciate how great Patrick Mahomes is.

  • And Ryan Clark.

  • You made the point in our meeting this morning that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are going to ruin high school football coaches.

  • Tell us why.

  • Absolutely.

  • You know the high school football coaches.

  • You gotta run the one tins hard.

  • You gotta do that.

  • You can't You can't just flip the switch lies you tell, because I'll be like, Hey, did you watch Patrick Mahomes them for eight weeks?

  • They barely played until they were down and they still want.

  • And then they get in the playoffs and they get down and then they come back.

  • When you look at Patrick Mahomes, he's the surest thing in football to me.

  • I was asked on Friday on this show who would win the game.

  • And what I said was, Is Patrick Mahomes playing?

  • Y'all said Yes.

  • I said then Kansas City, and that's what it is.

  • If this dude is on the field, he's the best player on the field.

  • He's going to play the best.

  • There's never been a three year run in the playoffs like we've seen from Patrick Mahomes And that's just going to continue when he has to make a play.

  • He always does.

  • And it doesn't hurt when you have dudes like Tyree Kill and Travis Kelsey who can't be stopped.

  • And there's no question we're taking him for granted, because all we talk about is how spectacular it isn't sometimes and the reality Dominique is in games in which he starts this year, including playoffs.

  • There's 16 and 1, 16 and one in games that Mahomes plays.

  • Well, if Mahomes wants us to stop taking them for granted, stop being so damn perfect all the time.

  • Like if you do it every day, I get used to it.

  • And, yes, I'm going to take it for granted.

  • And I do think that Pat Mahomes is special, and why he is so special, or how I know he's so special is that if any of the other three quarterbacks had the game that he had, we'd be gushing all over them.

  • We're not having that feeling.

  • Can you imagine if Josh Allen play like that or Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady play like that?

  • No.

  • Patrick Mahomes has had most impressive three year run, and it's been the first three years as he's been a starter.

  • It's outrageous.

  • He's not even like in his pram.

  • He's not even a full grown up.

  • I think he just got off his parents insurance.

  • Ah, couple weeks ago, that man is she's You all need to know it.

  • It's impossible to believe that that the statistic Israel.

  • But in postseason games, postseason games in which his team trails by two or more scores he's now four and one.

  • He is four, and one of the only loss was that game against the Patriots and the A F C championship a few years ago in overtime.

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Cesar's at William Hill is expecting points is the total right now for the Super Bowl is currently at 56 a half.

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Get Up admires Patrick Mahomes' greatness after leading the Chiefs to back-to-back Super Bowls

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