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  • now look a pacing here.

  • It Curries current pace of just over four made threes per game.

  • He could surpass Allen's record toward the end of next season if he remains healthy.

  • Whenever Curry does get there, virtually every record relating to three point shooting will belong to step now, Vince.

  • We've all kind of known around the league.

  • That's going to be the direction this is going.

  • But you're the one who has faced Steph Curry, Reggie Miller and Ray Allen all in their primes.

  • The whole thing was your prime.

  • Just saying What stands out to you about each player as you face them?

  • Well, well, let's say this.

  • First of all, Steph will get there.

  • I mean, it's It's not its when, you know.

  • I mean, we know it's not if and and he'll get there sooner than quicker than I think, Way, think way.

  • Think he will because of you know he's gonna have to take a little more shots.

  • A few more shots this year, maybe not next year.

  • So I think in early mid season next year he'll get there.

  • But you know, they're three different guys.

  • They're all great shooters, but let's talk about I want to talk about.

  • Let's talk about step first.

  • He's a guy can shoot from anywhere in the arena with unbelievable ball skills.

  • Not the greatest athletes, not super.

  • I mean, I always ask him, What are you gonna dump?

  • One impressed him with that.

  • You know, you wildest with your three point shooting, go dunk one and then you talk about Reggie Miller.

  • Reggie Miller was a guy who will run you off 1000 screens and then catch and shoot three.

  • And it was just He was so tough to gardening so crafty.

  • He was smart, and he just he just knew how to play the game and piss you off at the same time.

  • Then there's Ray.

  • Ray is that athletic three point shooter.

  • So he's an athlete and way you say close out the three point shooters.

  • Well, you have to be careful when you run Ray Allen off the three point line because he was the athlete that can and will Duncan you at the same time.

  • So, uh, but at the end of game, they all had one thing in common.

  • They were clutch three point shooters.

  • They all hit.

  • Unbelievable clutch timely threes, Uh, in in championship situations in major games way.

  • Know what Reggie did?

  • The garden.

  • We know what Ray did, uh, in Miami for Miami.

  • So against San Antonio, of course.

  • Steph is done it countless years.

  • So it's just Those guys are the echelon three point shooting And for Steph toe to be so close to eclipse in that.

  • And you mentioned one thing I want to say what Steph got past residents.

  • What half?

  • Uh, the games played, but, you know, the game has changed.

  • So that number is wowing to some people is not for me, Obviously it for a lot of us.

  • Because the game is changing now, guys.

  • Air shooting 11 to 15 threes a game as an individual, not a team and individual now.

  • So the game is different.

  • Brian, What do you see is the biggest differences between the three.

  • Yeah, this is a Yeah, this is a counting stats.

  • So because the counting is a little different from era to era, you know, say who ends up with the most?

  • I don't know if that's the fairest way to judge the three of them, but I will tell you is this is that all of them are having incredible work ethics.

  • All of them have shown to be able to beat any defense that was thrown at them.

  • And to me, that's the greatest compliment that you could have.

  • And with all the downsides of the zoom press conferences and the loss of personal connection, this is one rare moment where it was kind of cool, where Reggie Miller could come in and surprise.

  • And that probably wouldn't have been available in this venue in this without this time and to bring his son wearing a curry jersey.

  • I thought that was really cool.

  • More than anything.

  • Yeah, no, I absolutely love that way.

  • I want to say what the crazy thing about all of this and like like like you said Brian.

  • But as's faras, the way the game is played now, Steph is gonna be up there and it's gonna be guys we may even see in the next five years or less.

  • Ray and Reggie further down the list because of the three point shooters.

  • I mean, think about it.

  • James Harden is probably 200 threes made behind him now, I think, because James being in Brooklyn.

  • It's gonna heal tail office, faras attempts and and makes.

  • But the way the game machine, you're gonna see a lot of guys if they stay healthy and have a long career like these guys were having, will creep up that line creep up that list.

  • Yeah, well, I could tell you, by the way, Reggie Miller was one of the main people I worked with when I worked At T and T, and he would come when we would go to games together.

  • He would come out on the court sometimes if there was a basketball around and just start shooting those firing off those threes.

  • And he is exactly, at this age, exactly as deadly as he waas 10 or 15 years earlier.

  • And the thing I learned watching him watching staff.

  • And, of course, especially watching Ray Allen is that that kind of perfection, that kind of dazzling sort of fireworks that those guys can let off is only the result of boring repetition.

  • So it's such an amazing thing that this incredible spectacular shot one of the most exciting things that someone could do on the basketball court, those incredible Moonshots that Steph hits.

  • It's the result of something very boring.

  • They work so hard repeating and repeating and repeating the same mechanics.

  • And it's what makes them great, really, really special.

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now look a pacing here.

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