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  • is what happened yesterday.

  • First year new team, new conference, putting them on their back, snapping the NFL second longest playoff drought, winning three games on the road and going to the Super Bowl.

  • Even if they don't win.

  • Number 55 is what he did yesterday.

  • The greatest accomplishment of all.

  • No, I'm not going to shorten it up key because this is one of the greatest players of all time.

  • So I'm gonna let it go, bro.

  • Mhm e.

  • I would say, You know, first of all, what caught my attention there?

  • Zubin was Patrick Mahomes kinda had to catch yourself when he said the greatest quarterback.

  • Then he had to say, Wait, hold on one of the greatest quarterbacks there because I'm not done quite yet.

  • Um, it's Look, man, what can you say?

  • I'm sitting here and I'm just kind of like, Wow, you know, yesterday, as time was ticking away and it was clear that Brady was going to the Super Bowl again, it's just like damn like enough already shared with somebody else.

  • But you know certain players in certain situations, no matter what you try and do they just for whatever reason, they got that it factor that magic, another Super Bowl appearance like, How could you?

  • It's like LeBron James.

  • It's You could just take him dropping with a team.

  • Like if you took Tom Brady and put him on the Detroit lines right now, they might be in the damn NFC championship game E.

  • I mean, that's just crazy, you know, You take Tom Brady and put him on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  • All of a sudden, they win the division.

  • It's Hey, hat's off to him.

  • I mean, he is.

  • His career is amazing.

  • That's all I could say.

  • OK, I'm sitting there watching the game last night in the second half knowing that Casey is gonna win and I'm thinking to myself, This is gonna be like Michael Jordan.

  • Like when he's 42 43 years old, versus LeBron James in his prime in the Super Bowl.

  • And then Tony Romo says it.

  • And it's so true, right?

  • You have the greatest quarterback of all time for now, while you have a quarterback that believes he's he's the greatest of all time and the fact that last time that I think Patrick Mahomes has lost a game by more than one possession thing was back in 2016, back when he was in college.

  • And he's about he's about back to back Super Bowl appearances.

  • That's how talented he is.

  • And look Tom Brady, three picks they wanted off their defense.

  • He came out strong in the first half, but it's about always feel like Tom Brady is at the right place at the right time and the combination of the way Byron leveraging company picked on Kevin King.

  • We will talk about that.

  • The cornerback for Green Bay, the whole damn game, pretty much even down to the last possession, where you got that P I that sealed the game for this team.

  • It's just miraculously how this continues toe work out for Tom Brady and his favor.

  • It's incredible.

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is what happened yesterday.

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