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  • incredible work.

  • You wrote the initial report with Jeff Passan Fair ESPN.

  • Um, as the Mets and baseball grapple with this sexual harassment, How did you hear Sandy Alderson, Mets president yesterday?

  • Tony, I have complicated feelings about what he said, and I think who bears responsibility in all of this.

  • I think it is reasonable for the Mets to have not known, which is a question that's been raised because unless we hear that people in positions of power that were interviewed or should have been interviewed, how'd awareness of the incident?

  • Um, there's no way, frankly, that they could have found out.

  • But I thought Hannah Kieser Yahoo asked a really important question at the press conference.

  • He asked Alderson, Did you talk to any women?

  • And he said No, because there aren't women that we would have talked to in positions of power.

  • And I think that's an indictment not of the Mets, necessarily, but of the industry at large, because fundamentally, this is a story about power and power and balances.

  • And if there's greater diversity, gender and race in these positions, I think there are people who are more likely to understand those dynamics and explore them.

  • So going forward, this isn't just about the Mets or one person.

  • I think this is a structural issue that baseball needs to address, and that seems to me to be a good place to start elders and said, It's the club's responsibility.

  • It's not baseball's responsibility.

  • It's not a business's responsibility.

  • How do you How does that sit with you?

  • I actually disagree.

  • I think it's more than the responsibility of the like.

  • But it would be naive for anyone to think this is constrained to one person, one club, um, you know, or one even sport or league.

  • This is an issue that, as women come forward and tell similar stories clearly eyes, I would say it spreads across all of sports and industry.

  • And I think it's not just the Mets that need to look at this and think, Okay, how can we prevent this from happening?

  • The future?

  • It's every team.

  • It's the league.

  • Andi.

  • It includes coaches, executives and athletes.

  • Emily Kaplan.

  • Your thoughts on Alderson is comments yesterday and anything else.

  • You wanna go here?

  • You know, when I heard him talk, one of the things that worried me was that he was minimizing the prevalence of this.

  • And you know, Tony, you and I were talking yesterday.

  • I think one thing I really want my colleagues to understand is there's not always a graphic text message.

  • There are so many women in this industry who have been forced out because of casual misogyny that happens on a daily basis.

  • My friend MEREDITH Shiner she used to cover politics in D.

  • C.

  • She brilliantly coined it Sub concussive hits like We don't see them happening, but they're happening and they're happening and the great on woman and they make them feel unwelcome in sports.

  • So, yeah, I mean, I totally heard that Hannah Keyser question yesterday in the press conference, and I felt like it was spot on.

  • And then to hear Sandy elders and say No, we haven't talked to any women.

  • That's all I need to know both about the process and just about how much this actually is on people's minds as they're making higher, which is none.

  • It's not existent, so I'll ask you the same question.

  • Then you cover teams before now you're covering a full league and you get to see all teams in play here When you hear a team president say this is our responsibility, this is nothing.

  • This is not something baseball needs needs to look at here.

  • How do you feel about that?

  • Um, again, I'm conflicted, but I do think that when you're hiring someone to be pgm of your franchise, that's the leader that's a forward facing person.

  • It's on you to vet them and absolutely talk to zero women whatsoever.

  • And to broaden your scope.

  • Don't just talk to executives.

  • Talk to the people who deal with them every day.

  • This guy was clearly a source for a lot of baseball reporters, based on the inferences I took off of Twitter.

  • Talk to people.

  • Find out his true character that's on you, Clinton Yates.

  • We'll also once a mistake is made and it's happened on your watch, there's no need to distance yourself from it as if you're somehow not responsible for it.

  • He sounded like a person trying to insult my intelligence as an American.

  • As a man, never mind a baseball fan.

  • If you're telling me it's not systemic, well, then how does this happen?

  • How do you sit in that position and tell everybody that you didn't interview a woman.

  • What is systemic, other than that?

  • And that's what I don't understand about this.

  • You can come out and say this was messed up.

  • We need to do something different and we're responsible for our own situation to save distance yourself.

  • This isn't one close, but I don't care who he thinks is responsibility is.

  • What I care about is whether or not what happens on his watch is something that he could take responsibility for.

  • And it doesn't seem that that's the case, which is how all these different types of men in this position end up bifurcating the responsibility.

  • At the end of the day, bro, it was your guy, obviously the systemic to your team, enough that that person got to the top.

  • You don't have to limp based every single other person on Earth in order to take responsibility for yourself.

  • I didn't get that.

  • From what?

  • There's many things that could be true here in this infraction allegedly occurred when he wasn't with the Mets.

  • I wanna just ask you, is there anything else you wanna add here?

  • I think I just want to echo what Emily said about, you know, It's not just about the fact this is a very concrete case.

  • We had text messages.

  • Its's very clear what happened.

  • And often, um, the stories are, and for most of time, we never even hear the stories.

  • But they're less clear.

  • There's more confusion.

  • Or there's mawr reasons for people to plant seeds of doubt.

  • But beyond that, this is so far from being an isolated incident incident.

  • Every women in this industry I know was not surprised not about this particular person, but the fact that this kind of story happened, and that should tell you something.

  • I think about the prevalence of these types of interactions in not just baseball but every sport.

incredible work.

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