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  • he went out there, he put on the show and he just shows like it's levels to this And Josh Allen.

  • We gave a lot of credit for what he did this year.

  • The oh, you need a big time player to step up.

  • He didn't show up.

  • He he did not show up right, and you could say to a certain extent, Davante Adams in show up.

  • But it was for a different reason.

  • That's because they bracket them.

  • They had great plan with goals.

  • We'll get to that game later.

  • But but I think the fact that Dicks couldn't step up in a big moment and the fact that we thought that Josh Allen had evolved as a passer, that he would know where to go with the ball, they fired them up with a lot of pressure, challenged his receivers at the line of scrimmage and he couldn't find where to go with the ball and that shows that he's not ready.

  • He's not as a ball that we thought he waas that he's still not on that level of my homes.

  • We were talking about him in the M V P race, Right said that he was the M V P candidate, and it shows his love to the stuff.

  • He still hasn't ascended to breeze.

  • He still hasn't ascendant.

  • He's still on that second tier quarterback trying to graduate toe where the big boys in the big dogs play and how great was It is well side, though, before we transition.

  • Thio Tampa and A Rod.

  • The fact that we had four African American coordinators represented Championship Weekend in the championship.

  • How many of them get a job?

  • Yeah, that's another topic we certainly get, by the way, props to you for the Prodigy reference.

  • When you said Fire Starter, I love that.

  • Maybe we could play.

  • Maybe Jacob play that song for us coming up next break.

  • But you know, I'm with you on so many levels on this, and I've always said this about elite players were so quick to force players into that high status.

  • You know, my thing is always about how there's only one room in the penthouse penthouse level.

  • There's only one apartment is one room, that's it, and only one player could be there.

  • And so, the greatest of all time or the best player today that's occupied by one.

  • You can't say, Well, he's at the top of this.

  • No, no, no, There's one and that's it.

  • We don't like it, but there has to be a cut off.

  • So when you talk about the elite quarterbacks in the NFL, and a lot of people want to push Josh Allen there, I think this game kind of gives you that reminder off how hard it is to break through that glass ceiling to get into that top.

  • Because in the biggest moments, you've got to be able to perform and you know, again, he struggled.

  • But look, it's a lesson.

  • He's very young, and it's a It's a good idea to think they'll be back.

  • He'll be back, and this experience will help you see your saying, Oh, we'll get to that because I know why you're saying Nope, we'll get into all that.

  • So that's that game, you know, by the way, the other, other real quick on that game.

  • To Meco Hardman, to me, is that example of the rocky thing that we like to play at the start of our show, to how much you can take and keep moving forward.

  • Kids, anybody who's an athlete, you're a coach or you deal with Children or you deal with people that have adversity in their lives.

  • That's an example.

  • When you're an athlete and you stay believing in yourself and not only that, your teammates do the same thing.

  • How maney out there?

  • How many of you out there as a teammate have seen a teammate of yours make a blunder in the game?

  • I mean, a brutal one, and you're the first one.

  • But what are you doing?

  • Like screaming out?

  • That's never gonna fix the problem.

  • What they all do.

  • My homes went over to him right away, right away.

  • When he when he muffed that, he's like, we got this.

  • Don't worry about it.

  • We're gonna get it back.

  • Not only did the team, yeah, yeah, but the point is, is that don't like that.

  • I don't want that take you out of the game.

  • It's a mistake.

  • We're gonna make up for it and a 50 yard play later.

  • He makes up for it and he's back in the game How important that mentality is.

  • That mindset is to never let a mist ake ruin your day, ruin your performance, ruin your job and not just for you.

  • But if you're somebody that saw somebody make a mistake that might have been costly in the moment how important it is to build that person up?

  • No, no, no.

  • We got you were going to get this.

  • We're gonna fix this and what it does to a team because how they celebrated around him after that big play, which turned into a touchdown that wasn't a touchdown, but right after it became a touchdown, I feel like that's one of those teaching moments.

  • Inspirational moments in sports.

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he went out there, he put on the show and he just shows like it's levels to this And Josh Allen.

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