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  • Brian Clarke.

  • Let's just start with that decision to kick the field goal on the fourth down where they did.

  • What do you think?

  • He lost the game You played scared.

  • You had the best player of football at least this year, and you didn't give them an opportunity toe win the game.

  • Listen, if you're in a rap battle and your d 12, you're not gonna send bizarre out for the biggest rap battle you're gonna send out Eminem.

  • You took Eminem off the field.

  • You put bizarre out there.

  • You are nine yards away from the end zone.

  • The reason that you are trailing is that be a trusted Tom Brady with 13 seconds in the second quarter and said, You know what?

  • We're gonna go for it on fourth down and possibly give you the ball at midfield.

  • We're gonna throw this bomb into the end zone and give Scotty Miller a chance to burn Kevin King for the 76 times yesterday.

  • Give Aaron Rodgers the opportunity to win the game.

  • Don't take it from him.

  • Don't put it on people that haven't shown up for you the entire date.

  • And that's what Matt Lafleur did and when you make decisions like that, you sit at home and you get to think about those decisions.

  • You get to dwell in those decisions because you will not be playing in the Super Bowl.

  • And that's exactly what the Green Bay Packers will be doing and listen like you have to lose that game because Aaron Rodgers, the M V P in the Hall of Famer is not good enough, like that's why you have to lose that game in that moment.

  • So that's the wrong decision.

  • That being said, I want to explain why it is such a brutal, brutally difficult decision for Matt LaFleur, because I've seen a lot of people like this is the dumbest decision I've ever seen.

  • Fireable offense.

  • Slow down, okay, Fourth and Goal from the nine yard line is almost like it's really difficult because you need a play in your playbook that gets you nine, but it can't get you 20.

  • You know, fourth and nine from the 35 yard line.

  • You could design a bunch of different plays and if something gets you 15 yards, great because it gets you that first down.

  • But you obviously don't have that room down there going into the red zone or going into the end, I go.

  • That is such fourth and goal from the three different conversation.

  • But it's a really difficult decision given the situation, the exactness of where you are and what's needed in that fourth and gold situation.

  • But at the end of the day, when Matt LaFleur says, when you do something and it doesn't work out, you regret it.

  • I don't know if he would have those same feelings if he went for it.

  • It didn't work out.

  • I don't think he would regret it the same way as he does kicking that.

  • We wouldn't talk about it like this, either.

  • That's probably right.

  • It is a decision that I think while we all disagree with it, it is a least understandable.

  • I understand why he did it based on the fact that he's down eight.

  • What I will never understand and Dominica will come to you as a cornerback is how in the world you give up that touchdown right before halftime.

  • Let's look at that play again.

  • I think every football fan in America says whose fault is that?

  • So Dominique, answer me the question Is that the play call?

  • Is that the player's fault?

  • Whose fault is it?

  • The Tampa Bay scored that touchdown.

  • I mean, it could be multiple people's fault.

  • So I don't understand why you would be in one hole in that situation, which is what they were in one hole is to protect the middle of the field.

  • That's exact place where you want them to throw the ball.

  • And also, if you're Kevin King, I don't know why you bail inside and you're trying.

  • You got to stay on the outside and be deeper than your guy at all times.

  • You only have one job in that situation, so I think it's both of their faults.

  • And and Kevin King?

  • Maybe he wasn't bizarre yesterday, but he was definitely proof.

  • We're gonna continue with this d 12 analogy.

  • It was not good.

  • He was not Eminem.

  • He was not the spitter on that team.

  • It was unfortunate.

  • All I could think about this morning was like I hope someone calls Kevin King and reads to him, Maya, Angelo.

  • Still, I rise because that man needs to be uplifting after what happened yesterday evening, it was a long day for that brother.

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Brian Clarke.

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