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  • the Bills didn't make any effort to be balanced whatsoever.

  • They didn't attempt a rush in the first quarter.

  • I think that running backs wound up with a total of nine carries.

  • I'll grab the number here for you in a second.

  • Can they beat Kansas City if they're going to be one dimensional that way?

  • I don't think so.

  • I mean, last week they won, but they only scored 10 points and I understand there was some weather.

  • Part was part of the problem in the Ravens defense is really tough, but this week they're gonna have to figure out a way to run the ball.

  • And I think that's by letting Josh Allen a K Debo, be the centerpiece of their running game.

  • That big, strong man is just this big and strong is any running back that they have and they give hey gives them the numbers advantage, so I expect them to do design runs with him and him to be comfortable just scrambling and making plays.

  • He's a super effective passer, but I think this week they're going to pull out all the stops and allow him also to be the great runner that he is?

  • Yeah, Last week.

  • I have the number here now.

  • Damien, Woody, The Buffalo Bills running backs had nine carries for 29 yards.

  • Is that a formula that they can win with this weekend?

  • D would The formula is right.

  • What got you to this point?

  • Greeny.

  • And that's Josh Allen.

  • You know, the Buffalo Bills has never been, uh, you know, running juggernaut this whole season.

  • But what has been, is is the right arm of Josh Allen utilizing both his arm and his legs on using the weapons on the outside.

  • You know, the running game can come in different forms.

  • It's not always about just turn around the hand, the ball off, two running backs.

  • It could be, you know, you know, screen type passes.

  • Um, you know, quarter quarterback design runs.

  • There are different ways that you can manufacture a quote unquote a running game.

  • But ultimately, this falls on Josh Allen and Coach McDermott said, right, this is his moment right now.

  • This is his opportunity to get to the Super Bowl.

  • What do you think, Lewis?

  • What do you see in this young quarterback and this offense against Kansas City?

  • Look, I think the name of the game is gonna be efficiency.

  • It's gonna be efficiency on third down and efficiency in the red zone.

  • And we know that in those two areas this team has been absolutely deadly, in particular in the red zone.

  • It's gonna really it's gonna be about coming coming up with seven instead of coming up with three once they get down into the scoring zone.

  • That's really that.

  • That's what they have to do.

  • They have to score points.

  • They don't necessarily, I believe, have to worry about.

  • Okay, well, now all of a sudden, we're gonna become this 60 40 run past bounds.

  • That's just not for 50 50.

  • That's just not who they are.

  • That's not who Brian Dabul is.

  • That's not how this offense is constructed.

  • This offense is constructed through being a very much so spread type of attack that can hit you with short passing game and kill you with catch and run situations with Stefon Diggs or in Cole Beasley.

  • Or they could go up over top of you with Stefon Diggs, gave Davis and just absolutely gut you that way.

  • And then the ad lib stuff with Josh outside the pocket, throwing the football on the run and his threat as a runner himself that they're gonna have to stay true to who they are, and that's what.

  • And that's what they will dio.

  • They're highly motivated.

  • This this young man has put in a lot of work this off season through a lot of different avenues in order to get himself to this point.

  • And even more importantly, for this team defensively, they're gonna have to come up with one more stop then Kansas City's defense comes up with.

  • I'd expect this to be a game that easily is in the thirties in terms of scoring for both teams, and the defense that comes up with the critical stop at the critical moment will win the game.

  • I get it, and I want to come back to this a little later because I wanna push back a bit.

  • One of the things I keep hearing all of you guys tell me is that the time of possession and ball control is going to be critical for any team that's going to not Kansas City out.

  • That always to me means you got to run the football at least a little.

the Bills didn't make any effort to be balanced whatsoever.

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