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  • and we did it.

  • The Brian for Mayor Digital battle bus has now hit the roads for day one of our 15 day tour of every single borough in London.

  • All 32.

  • You were coming to see you tomorrow.

  • We are going to barking and Dagenham.

  • The next day we're off to Souther.

  • We're goingto every single borough.

  • I'm so excited.

  • I don't know if you saw the pictures.

  • If not, you gotta go check out our Instagram or YouTube.

  • You could see the battle bus.

  • It is incredible.

  • It's a beautiful work of art We're super proud of it.

  • On were driving it through the streets of London because we want to get out there and have conversations with every single one of you.

  • I want to find out what is your challenge?

  • What are you facing out there?

  • What are you struggling with?

  • Well, that's my job.

  • Is mayor.

  • Your problems are my problems, and that's the way we're gonna work this.

  • I know the current politicians, they don't understand this, but I think call me crazy that our leaders should always be in service to the people who voted for them on That's this whole thing that we're doing.

  • That's this whole crazy concept of this bus.

  • It's about getting out there and talking to you and listening to you so I can know what's on your mind, and I could change the policies that are relevant to you and your family and your livelihood in your future.

  • That's why we're doing this, because this is important to me.

  • I'm willing Toe put my life on hold, put my family life on hold, put my business on hold, put my broadcasting on hold just to become your next mayor of London.

  • I don't want to show you how serious I am about this, and that's why we have this bus on.

  • That's why I'm spending the next 15 days of my life going toe every single borough in London.

  • I'm super excited, but it's not just a bus.

  • It's actually a fully enabled multi camera broadcasting studio.

  • I'll be streaming live out to a billion people.

  • Everything that's going on in the bus, I'll be doing live Q and A's with you.

  • I'll be doing interviews inside the bus.

  • This thing is completely kitted out.

  • It's totally gangster and we're super proud of it.

  • But it's got the purpose of getting out there and listening to the nine million Londoners, so I just wanna thank everybody.

  • Go to our website Brian from mayor dot London forward slash bus and you can see every single part of my tour come out and see me.

  • If you want, we'll be doing a bunch of charity.

  • Food drops is, well, two different community centers and churches and mosques and all sorts of places that need our help.

  • Um, if you can tell I'm super excited and if you don't know which bus is ours, it's the one with my face on it.

  • It says Brian for Mayor.

  • We drove it by parliament.

  • Today we were at ST Paul's Cathedral.

  • We were everywhere and it was fantastic.

  • And I got so much support from the streets.

  • Every single bus driver in London is honking their horns because they know I'm going to sort out the TfL.

  • Everybody on the street is coming up to me, given us love, telling us they want us to be mayor.

  • So these other people that say that the current mayor is ahead, they obviously don't know what's happening on the street with real people real people know what's up.

  • They do just like you.

  • And if your friends don't know what's up, tell them what's up.

  • Because I trust you.

  • I trust your judgment because you know who I am.

  • I've been out there for 10 years, so you know, the kind of person I am.

  • I'm gonna bring real world experience to this.

  • 30 years of business experience, holding people accountable, keeping budgets intact, etcetera, things that our current politicians don't know anything about.

  • The big messages.

  • We're gonna get London back toe work in a safe manner.

  • We're gonna get our transport system un bankrupted.

  • We're gonna make our streets safe.

  • We're gonna invest in our communities on I've got solutions for all that.

  • All the way down to the pound.

  • So there you go.

  • I'm gonna go see my family.

  • I'll be back here tomorrow on a Saturday in a suit because I wanna come see you will be broadcasting this from the bus.

  • I love you guys.

  • I appreciate you so much.

  • Come follow us.

  • I'll be streaming.

  • I'll be interviewed.

  • Check the website out.

  • Check our socials.

  • Let's do this on May 6.

  • Vote, You gotta vote on.

  • Let's send this other guy out.

  • And let's come in with some new ideas in a new direction.

  • All right.

  • I love you guys.

  • See you tomorrow.

and we did it.

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