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  • Yeah, I mean the numbers.

  • You just sort of run out of ways to describe them, but let me give you this.

  • This will be the fourth time Brady has started the Super Bowl since turning 39 years old.

  • Peyton Manning was the only other quarterback ever to have done that.

  • Brady also becomes three oldest player in any position to play in the Super Bowl.

  • He will break the prior record held by Matt Stover and you heard in the call there.

  • It's been 18 years since the Buccaneers were in the Super Bowl.

  • Last time they did it, this man was playing for them.

  • Here's Keyshawn Johnson from K Jay Z on ESPN Radio Coast to coast to joins us here for a moment.

  • Thanks a million for this key.

  • And so let's just start with Brady there and the Bucks.

  • What what words do we use to describe him going to his 10th Super Bowl head scratching to me?

  • I mean, it's like for Riel again, like pinch me, It's just it's It's pretty wild.

  • I never thought in my lifetime I would see a guy go to 10 Super Bowls, especially at the quarterback spot right, it's It should be illegal.

  • I mean, guys only go three, maybe two times, but it 10, like 10 makes no sense at all whatsoever.

  • But when you are considered one of the greatest quarterbacks ever played, greenie, this is what happens.

  • You can go from one team to the next.

  • And I joked last night or yesterday as I was doing prime time with Boomer in in our green room, I said, Man, you could take Tom Brady.

  • You could drop him at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  • Right now in, the odds will go up that they're gonna probably go to the Super Bowl.

  • That's how great he's been again.

  • Tampa hadn't been to the playoffs in 13 years, and they come away with the wind.

  • He has been there now, four of the last five years.

  • Five of the last seven.

  • It's ridiculous, so we'll have time to talk about him.

  • Let's talk about the team he beat yesterday.

  • Let me start with the play right before halftime.

  • That touchdown pass to Scotty Miller at the end of the day.

  • How does that happen?

  • If you're Green Bay defensively, how do you allow that to happen?

  • Well, first of all greenie.

  • If the interception is made on the throat before, you don't even get to limit for net advancing on fourth down.

  • So you don't even have the opportunity to find Scali, Miller or drop that play.

  • If the defense it back for Green Bay catches the interception, Aaron Rodgers gets the ball, You kneel down, take it one step further, Mike petting for the life of me.

  • Why would you be in that defense with seconds left on the clock in Tom Brady at quarterback and they're trying to get points?

  • Why would you put him in that position?

  • Everybody should be in prevent defense, tackle the guy in front of you.

  • Everybody rallies to the ball.

  • Get in, Game over.

  • Now you're in.

  • At halftime.

  • You could make the adjustments, but because you did it the way you did it.

  • Let's put you in a position now to be down even more points at halftime.

  • That should be a crime by Mike Patton.

  • Yeah, it was head scratching to use your previous word.

  • It's one of two coaching decisions from Green Bay yesterday that lead to a lot of questions.

  • The other What did you think of them kicking the field goal there at the end on the fourth down, instead of going for it, I kind of go back and far greeny.

  • I think when you look at it, I think I understand where Matt LeFlore was headed and thinking about kicking the field goal.

  • But I don't understand how you don't communicate with your quarterback.

  • And what happens in these situations is you usually have a conversation with that quarterback.

  • Hey, here's what we're gonna do on fourth down.

  • If we don't get it, we're gonna kick a field goal.

  • You need to get in the right play on third down to give us an opportunity to make a decision on fourth down.

  • Instead, you said to Rogers, Call your play.

  • Rogers calls a play, thinking there's an opportunity on fourth down.

  • He doesn't get to play on third.

  • There's no opportunity on fourth, the first time that he's seen it.

  • That they're gonna kick a field goal is when they actually took the field to kick the field goal.

  • Bad communication on the floor is part he did say that, he said in the post game press conference.

  • Aaron did say I thought we would have four shots at a Keyshawn Johnson K Jay Z Coast to coast on ESPN radio every morning.

  • Thanks a million for jumping in here, kids.

  • Great to see you.

  • We appreciate it.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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Yeah, I mean the numbers.

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