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  • Let's frame it properly.

  • You've been there crushing defeat when everything is not everything, but when you've had a season, like so that you don't expect to go like this and then not have the chance to do something about it.

  • At the very end, I don't think anybody was intending to throw anybody else under the boss part.

  • When Aaron says we need a lot of I need some time crushing, there's no other way to put it right.

  • Well, you do need time boom, and you need to be able to take a step back from everything that's going on because it's moving really fast.

  • It's like a freeway, and so you'll say something you don't want to say.

  • You take some time off.

  • You reflect on what you went through this season.

  • You look at what the roster is.

  • You look at all of those things before you go back in there to try to move forward towards next year.

  • Um and I don't have a problem with that at all.

  • I think Aaron Rodgers deserves to take some time off, not not rush to any type of judgment when you when you look at it, there was some things that he said there, you know, like let me see, you know?

  • And then you've got the coach saying You dang right, we want him back.

  • So it's kind of, you know, what does this mean?

  • What does this mean for Aaron Rodgers moving forward?

  • Well, let me say that the call.

  • Look, Any decision did they put on fourth under?

  • They go forward, not make it go for the when you five minutes to go.

  • Maybe in retrospect, were all Monday morning quarterbacks key two and 10 seconds to go Key Thio Not give the M V p of the league another shot, admittedly gaining no yards.

  • What do we think of kicking the field?

  • I didn't like it.

  • I think you know when I when I look at it, I think Matt LaFleur thought that his defense can hold them, get the points way, kicked the ball off the J Don Meekins.

  • Now we could stop them possibly inside the 20 yard line, but I would have given Aaron Rodgers the opportunity to score the touchdown because they would have been Let's say they they get stopped in there on the 5 to 4 yard line.

  • I trust my defense to make them go toe the distance, opposed to just getting a first down or two.

  • I want them to go to because the play calling is gonna be different from Byron Leftward side.

  • When you're backed up and your back is against the wall, you're gonna call it different.

  • You're not gonna try it.

  • No matter if terrific time is there not?

  • You're probably going to run the ball.

  • Now you get the stops that you need on defense.

  • Now you get the punt and you're at midfield now you got an easier.

  • And Rogers, the march right back down the field, scored a touchdown to go for two.

  • I think it was a mistake on Matt LaFleur's part taking the points.

  • Yeah, certainly retrospective is.

  • And what?

  • That's just, you know.

  • No, we second be a Monday morning quarterback right now to tend to go.

  • It's a tough one.

  • It's not any.

  • There'll be a lot of murmuring about that in Green Bay for a while.

  • The touchdown right at the end of the half was a killer.

  • Look, let me go to Tom now because we showed some of them.

  • Let's see if I can read my own writing.

  • This is the first couple of Syria's key 3rd and 4th 39 37 touchdown, a 3rd and 11.

  • A 3rd and 14.

  • A third and 9 to 14 and seven.

  • I look, I understand that we're picks later, third down and long.

  • You keep doing that against the defense that have been playing well, speaks for the way Tom Brady pleasure.

  • But this is the way Tom Brady has played pretty much his entire career.

  • He understands third down situations.

  • He understands who to get the football to in third down situations.

  • He was out of the gun on every single third down, and he threw the ball.

  • I mean, when you look at that, you say to yourself, OK, Tom Brady, we get it.

  • It's Tom Brady.

  • We're going to give him all of the sugar.

  • But the defense aside of the ball, they won this game.

  • Todd Bulls had these guys ready to go from Washington to New Orleans, and now we saw exactly what they did to an Rogers in Green Bay.

  • Well, they have Tom Brady and office.

  • They have a defense.

  • Look, no one's going to compare it yet, Thio.

  • Up until this year, the Bucks hadn't won a playoff game since a certain Super Bowl in which you were a proud member.

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Let's frame it properly.

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