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  • In India's capital Delhi, several 1000 angry farmers have been gathering in mass protests on one of the country's national holidays.

  • Republic Day.

  • Some farmers breached barricades and clashed with police who fired tear gas to restrain them.

  • The protesters are demanding the government permanently scrap in agriculture reform that they say helps big companies at the expense of food producers.

  • Well, the farmers have been camping outside Delhi for almost two months now and let's go right to Delhi.

  • Dw Misha Jack's Wallace standing by for us They're high, Nansha, it's good to see you.

  • So several thousands of farmers are demonstrating and you were just out there covering these protests.

  • Tell us what you saw.

  • Well, to me, the visuals that have been seen on TV, on on streets and all over social media as well as what we witnessed ourselves are dramatic and unexpected because this was supposed to be a peaceful protest that had already that was supposed to follow pre designated routes which were agreed upon with the Delhi police.

  • However, the farmers went against the decision that these protests should only start after the Republic Day parade had concluded.

  • They started beforehand.

  • They broke barricades.

  • We saw the farmers breaking barricades to your gas being deployed, and they were jubilant when they successfully ran off security forces from the streets because even while security forces trying to stop farmers there in such massive numbers, that they failed to do so.

  • Now we're actually seeing that the farmers have reached Central Daily.

  • They were actually supposed to just state with the benefit your belly, and they plan to continue marching on.

  • They've reached the iconic red fort of Delhi as well, and despite police pressure, they're not backing down Name Misha, can you explain to us why these laws have made farmers so angry?

  • First of me, these laws were passed back in September.

  • So the farmers for auditing protesting in their home states since September, It's over the last few months that we have depended upon daily because they feel like the government is not hearing them.

  • They're angry because these lords allow for the first time for the farmers to sell out side government designated markets.

  • The farmers worry that this will cause the government to withdraw and existing price support that is offered to them simply because the farmers will now be able to sell to private place.

  • The government think this could be beneficial for farmers.

  • But the farmers say that the government is in cohorts with with large Corporates, and it's simply trying to withdraw from its own responsibility and hand over the reins to corporate well.

  • The farmers don't appear to be backing down.

  • So why is the government so intent on pushing these reforms through well over here, it becomes important to consider the perspective of the government.

  • So me, the government is saying that these reforms are crucial to the agriculture sector in India because they for the first time allow farmers to look for competitive prices instead of the three desire prices by the government.

  • The government is trying to tell farmers that you can actually access more profits as a consequence of these laws, it's also become a matter of pride that have been 11 rounds of negotiations.

  • The farmers of each time said, revoked these laws.

  • The government is each time trying to convince them that they're actually beneficial, the strongest advantage for the farmers.

  • The strongest step back for the government was when recently the government offered to suspend these laws for 18 months, but the farmers pushed back.

  • They said no to this offer.

  • And they said they will only back down when these laws a report.

  • All right.

  • Our correspondent Misha Jaiswal, reporting on those protests in the heart of Delhi today.

  • Thank you.

In India's capital Delhi, several 1000 angry farmers have been gathering in mass protests on one of the country's national holidays.

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Protesting farmers overshadow India's Republic Day parade | DW News

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