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  • -Hey, guys, I want to talk about this cool new thing

  • that we're doing on the show.

  • It is called "The Tonight Show Film Festival."

  • Now, we partnered up with our friends over at Samsung, okay?

  • And we're gonna showcase videos from rising creators

  • who have a passion for filmmaking.

  • No experience necessary --

  • just send us a short video that you've already made.

  • Only needs to be about a minute, tops.

  • Could be funny, could be dramatic,

  • could have special effects -- whatever.

  • If you love it, you think it's cool and creative,

  • we want to see it.

  • We're gonna watch them all and then pick up to 10 finalists.

  • And if you get picked,

  • you get to create an original short film for us

  • that could be one of five featured on the show

  • during our festival week.

  • And... [ Cheers and applause ]

  • And it's a cool -- it's a cool new thing.

  • So we have a theme for the festival.

  • It is "A Different Focus."

  • I think this past year has taught us all

  • to look at life in a different way,

  • to focus on different things,

  • and adjust how we think about the world.

  • And for the festival finalists, we want to see

  • what "A Different Focus" means to you.

  • How do you interpret that?

  • And to help you out, Samsung will be sending each finalist

  • a brand-new Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G phone to make your film.

  • [ Cheers and applause ] These phones are amazing.

  • -Mm. -We did a whole episode...

  • Remember that? -Yeah.

  • -...on Samsung phones.

  • And thing this is -- the new one's so far more advanced

  • than that one even.

  • It has 8K video. -Wow.

  • -It's the highest video resolution available on a phone,

  • and there's a Director's Mode, so it's perfect to make a film.

  • You can start submitting your videos right now

  • by posting them to TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter,

  • or commenting on our Facebook post.

  • Just tag the show @FallonTonight

  • and use the hashtag #TonightShowFilmFest

  • and hashtag #Contest so that we can find them.

  • Thanks again to Samsung for partnering with us.

  • It's the first ever "Tonight Show Film Festival!"

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • Very exciting.

  • -♪ Ah, uh-huh

  • On and on and on

  • Unh, I said... ♪

  • ♪♪

-Hey, guys, I want to talk about this cool new thing

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Submit Your Short Film to The Tonight Show Film Festival in Partnership with Samsung

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