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  • how much pressure is on that franchise to hire a black coach?

  • Well, there's immense pressure on them simply because of the things that has been alluded to by the Shawn Watson.

  • We haven't heard him directly called them out in that fashion.

  • But if you listen to Adam Schefter reports along with that of various others, he's incredibly unhappy with the organization.

  • And when you consider the 1 80 that was that has taken place with Shawn Watson, where he goes from signing an incredibly lucrative contract, and he's in tears and incredibly grateful to the MacNeil family and the organization for showing that faith in him to completely do a 1 80 he doesn't wanna have anything to do with them.

  • Something's going to ride, and it ain't just what it ain't just about.

  • Therefore, in 12 record, remember, reports are that J.

  • J.

  • Watt didn't wanna be there.

  • Report on any longer reports are that J.

  • J.

  • Watt went up to the Shawn Watson and apologized to him.

  • We also recognize the fact that Shawn Watson is clearly displayed his frustration and he won't even return their phone calls.

  • That speaks volumes, and that tells me that it's something beyond football, and I'm here to tell you usually when it comes to a black man and it's something that extends beyond the field of play, you have done something to offend this man.

  • Now let's get into the broader picture of things before I say anything.

  • Let me give major props to the Washington football team.

  • Jason Wright is a black man.

  • He is the president of football.

  • He's the president of the team, period.

  • Business affairs around Rivera.

  • Everything got to go through in football wise, but this man is the president organization.

  • Uh, they just decided to hire Martin Mayhew as their general manager.

  • Be the first time in NFL that I recall.

  • And then I think it's in NFL history that a black man that to minorities to black men, the president and the G m of an organization in the National Football League before that are standard was Miami with Chris Gray is the general manager and Bryan Flores as the head coach at this moment in time.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, in the year 2020 with the whole social justice issue really percolating and hitting, our minds are in this nation We have two black head coaches in the National Football League.

  • Mike Tomlin and Pittsburgh Bryan Flores in Miami.

  • That is disgusting.

  • What you are saying, essentially, is that a black man can't lead men.

  • You don't have enough faith in them.

  • We watch this guy Dan Campbell for for the new coach for the Detroit Lions.

  • Talk about how biting at people's knees and you know how we're gonna continue to get up and all of this other stuff because we want to represent the city of Detroit.

  • We're gonna play that sound later.

  • That's right.

  • I would remind everybody that the Detroit Lions have won one playoff game in 60 three years, and the last time they won the game was 30 years ago.

  • What the hell you mean get up when the hell you get up when you get up a za football franchise that never happened, so I don't know what he's talking about, but that's neither here nor there.

  • The biggest issue now is that we're looking at a situation where they don't want to trust black men to be leaders, and I look at an Eric the enemy, and I would remind everybody I made sure to put it here on my phone because I wanted to make sure I didn't forget it.

  • When I think about Eric the enemy, here's what I'm thinking about.

  • Since he has been a coordinator in Kansas City, Max, the Chiefs have been first and points per game.

  • 31 points per game, first in yards per game, 406.9 per game, first in total Q B R, which is 79 in the National Football League.

  • He has been the offensive coordinator, so why would you not give him an opportunity to have this job?

  • You know, why Do you know why?

  • Because Andy Reid's his coach and because Andy Reid is known, is this brilliant offensive mind and this brilliant play caller and his resume speaks for itself.

  • I know Andy reading.

  • I love him.

  • The bottom line is you have folks out there who are owners.

  • They're saying you ain't doing that.

  • Andy Reid is doing it.

  • And so all of those things, one thing after another after another continues to be found as an excuse toe marginalize and minimize the contributions of black men in the National Football League and That's why some of those coaches who don't like me let me be first to say I don't give a damn.

  • I could care less.

  • I hope you hate me, okay?

  • Because I can't stand what I'm seeing from the National Football League, and I am not blaming Roger Goodell and the NFL League office with Troy Vincent in those boys.

  • I am blaming each respective owner in the National Football League who has allowed this insidious behavior to continue.

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how much pressure is on that franchise to hire a black coach?

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