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  • Lakers looking to push Brian spinning in the lead for Gasol pretty past.

  • Kobe Bryant like to say he didn't have time for friends.

  • Castle.

  • The drive kicks it out.

  • Brian just gets it off in time.

  • Puts it, friends hang.

  • Sometimes you'd say banners hang forever, but Pau Gasol was a friend and much more for me.

  • Romano.

  • Tomorrow, midway through Kobe's M V P season in 2000 and eight, the Lakers traded for Pau Gasol, the 7 ft Spaniard they hoped was the missing piece to their next NBA championship.

  • Mhm.

  • And I was like, I'm in heaven.

  • Yes, because I didn't have that.

  • Guys could double team me flow consequence.

  • And now they couldn't do that first game in New Jersey.

  • He was talking to me in Spanish.

  • And like all the play calls and the coverages to gain my trust to connect with me, I'm moist away with no ammo.

  • I'm gonna cause a Buddha.

  • They will give me that look.

  • Hey, you ready?

  • Just to engage me?

  • Oh, no.

  • So ready for December.

  • When you have that connection with a guy that is not going to settle for anything else then excellence, that's a strong motivator.

  • He's always very nice.

  • Very white Swan.

  • A black swan.

  • Hey was very demanding because he expected everyone to put in the same effort as he Waas, and that was unrealistic.

  • Brian for three.

  • What's it?

  • How witnessed that Mama mentality?

  • Time and time again.

  • That's the Achilles.

  • If he could barely make it to the free throw line.

  • God, I'm gonna walk on this tourney, Achilles by myself to the locker room.

  • Who does that?

  • And there's six seasons together in L.

  • A.

  • Kobe and Powell builds an undeniable chemistry dish to Castle Lefty.

  • Layup.

  • We did that.

  • Perfect.

  • You're not behind me.

  • You're not in front of me.

  • You right right there!

  • Parallel with the Lakers back, they pushed each other to two championships.

  • Just sorry, but the bond was so much deeper than basketball.

  • It's a little tightly.

  • He's the big brother that I've never had.

  • He had a ah, very kind side.

  • Ah, very loving side.

  • E Think that's something that I influenced them to in a way that it's okay Thio be normal.

  • Thio be vulnerable or soft at times s.

  • He was trying to be the best father in the world.

  • He embraced his daughters that kindness that softness love from a dad to a daughter.

  • For Powell, losing Kobe and his daughter Gianna was almost impossible to process.

  • I still didn't want to believe it.

  • You still thought that Kobe could have gotten out of that accent by his own feet, and he was that invincible.

  • In the world of grief that followed, Pau and his wife, Catherine, knew what his brother would want him to dio.

  • Yeah, we wanted to be close to Vanessa and the kids being there for him as much as possible.

  • Palace sent flowers for Kobe and Vanessa's 19th wedding anniversary in April on a cake for Johnny's Birthday in May.

  • Then in September, how became a father for the first time.

  • My daughter's full name is Elizabeth Jonah Gazal to have Jonah's name remembering her and having her present.

  • It represents so much I'm just gonna try to be a good father to my daughter.

  • Ah, good uncle to his daughter's boom.

  • Good job, Nanny.

  • Ah, good brother to his wife for me tomorrow.

  • Simple simple.

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Lakers looking to push Brian spinning in the lead for Gasol pretty past.

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Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol had an unbreakable bond | E:60

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