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  • torching the Cavs last night, his former team putting up 46 8 and six.

  • He also made 19 of his 26 shots in seven of 11 from three point range.

  • Still, the King looking at the best records in the N B A.

  • The Lake show on top and the favorites to win it again.

  • CO y and the Clippers air still chasing them at number two.

  • The Sixers are the top team in the East, but the superstar trio in Brooklyn are climbing.

  • Max Kellerman, who's under the most pressure to knock off LeBron and the Lakers.

  • Kevin Durant clearly.

  • I mean, when k d got to Brooklyn with Kyrie, you know the mandate was to get to the finals, at least.

  • But then they added James Harden James Harden, who, by the way rolled out of bed, showed up fat and out of shape and gave him 30 points, a triple double with 30 points.

  • I mean, Game one and was winning with K d.

  • And then the question was, was Kyrie even gonna be there?

  • Is he self destructing?

  • And then Kyrie is back.

  • I mean, if you have an M V.

  • P with another M V p and a third All Star plus kind of player.

  • That is a big three and in fact it's a big three.

  • In the absence of any other Big Three in the league, there's no other Big Three, the league.

  • You know what happens when you put a Big three together and there's no other Big three you got.

  • At least get to the finals.

  • It's the history of the MBA.

  • Got to get to the finals Now you could say Well, KD already beat LeBron in the finals, but everyone knows what that waas LeBron James led a team against a 73 win Warriors team, went to Oracle on the road, wins a Game seven against the same team that had just beaten a loaded Thunder team that K D was on K d.

  • And the Warriors looked at each other and said, This dude, this LeBron dude got together, and at that point, everyone in the world knew there's nothing you could do to stop them.

  • It's not a level playing field.

  • It's impossible to beat that team.

  • So so what?

  • K D has two wins in the finals over LeBron.

  • There's no way not to on that Warriors team.

  • This is different now.

  • K d is like, Okay, watch this.

  • He made a courageous decision.

  • I'm gonna go somewhere, put together a team like LeBron does and make meet this dude head on.

  • You have James Harden and Kyrie Irving, and you're Kevin Durant, who joined the 73 win team to beat LeBron.

  • There is no more pressure on any player to knock LeBron off his throne.

  • Then there is on Kevin Durant.

  • Max Kellerman.

  • I don't at this point disagree with you.

  • I know I'm supposed to, uh, but I don't at this point disagree with you, particularly since James Harden arrived.

  • What I would tell you, however, because James Harden arrived and they had won two straight.

  • And James Harden was averaging 34 did the triple double in him, and K d came out the blocks bobbing.

  • And then Kyrie came back and they lost back to back games to Cleveland even though he was averaging 30.

  • Uh, you know, he's averaging 28 points.

  • Ah, game.

  • He averaged 37 a half in those two games.

  • He shot twice as much as James Harden.

  • What I would say to you is that I don't disagree with you about Kevin Durant, but I can't let Kawai Leonard off the hook.

  • Y'all I really, really have a problem on.

  • Don't get me wrong.

  • I don't mean have a problem cause he's a good guy called wise a star he plays on both ends of the floor.

  • I'm only speaking in purely basketball sense.

  • Kawai is in L.

  • A.

  • Kawai came to L.

  • A as a champion out of Toronto, saying There's a new sheriff in town.

  • They marketed Kawai Leonard as being the new sheriff in town.

  • You had the king's crown dangling from his convertible, Okay, driving down the highway in L.

  • A.

  • No.

  • One, LeBron was in town.

  • That's what you came to town to say.

  • That's what you came to town to claim.

  • Okay?

  • And then LeBron answered the call.

  • They handled their business in the first two rounds.

  • They went to the conference finals, was waiting for you.

  • You had a 31 lead.

  • You lost to the Denver Nuggets.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I can't let Kawai lend it off the hook.

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torching the Cavs last night, his former team putting up 46 8 and six.

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