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  • Oh, sure, E.

  • Yeah, Right there.

  • That Teoh.

  • Is that okay?

  • The same story.

  • No waiting for.

  • Yeah, this is okay.

  • It is Tuesday, January 26 just two days after myself and my team were detained by the city of London police and fined for illegally campaigning is what they told us.

  • Um, you've probably seen the video.

  • It's gone.

  • Viral around the world was covered in a lot of news services.

  • We believe that the democratic right of free and fair elections needs to be respected, especially in times like this.

  • And we were campaigning in 100% Covic secure way with our digital battle bus where there is no contact with any citizens were literally out there going from borough to borough, capturing digital assets, communicating with you digitally and campaigning because the elections air here in London in the next 100 days.

  • Currently in City Hall, down here way have an unelected mayor that has ruled this city for one year with no democratic support because that election was postponed.

  • And we think this is fundamentally wrong.

  • About 20 minutes ago, our battle bus was pulled over by Metropolitan Police.

  • So this is now a coordinated attack between multiple police departments in London.

  • They pulled over the bus.

  • I was not on the bus on.

  • When they found out that I wasn't on the bus, they allowed the bus to proceed.

  • So this is something they're obviously looking to stop us from doing.

  • But again, we are doing everything in a safe manner.

  • We're respecting all the Kobe protocols, and we believe this is very important because if you don't know the potential candidates to choose thin, the democratic process is completely ruined.

  • Um, this feels very political to me, very political on the fact that they would target our bus and pull over our bus in the streets.

  • Um, seems like a coordinated attack against us.

  • By the way, Right now, on the Mall of London, right by Buckingham Palace, there are literally 10 or 20 production Busses right now filming a production for Apple TV.

  • So right now people are working in a covert Safeway and filming, and yet we are not allowed to campaign.

  • Does that sound correct to you?

  • I don't think that sounds right.

  • And so what we are doing right now is we're going back out on the road.

  • We are taking our digital battle bus on.

  • We're going to continue our tour of every single borough in London because we believe this is a fundamental human right, free and fair elections.

  • And we encourage all parties to do the same.

  • We believe that everyone should have the right to campaign right now with the democratic process and get your ideas out there.

  • Otherwise, we know what's going to happen.

  • Because the people won't have a choice on this.

  • Seems this'll seems highly favoring current incumbent mayor who, of course, Ah, points chief of the Metropolitan Police.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Um, honestly, I don't know how far we're going to get before they pull us over and try to arrest us or whatever else the gun to dio.

  • But I have a five page letter from our legal department that states specifically why we have a case to go out there.

  • It's been sent or is being sent to all the police commissioners and it says exactly what we're doing in a covert Safeway that follows the letter of the law.

  • And I'll be presenting things five page letter to any police officer that wants to pull us over.

  • And I'll be making our case that we're doing this in a Covad safe way.

  • The next time you hear from me, hopefully I will be showing you are covert state battle bus.

  • I will try to do a live stream from the bus and of course, I will record any detention, arrest or anything else that happens on the back of this again.

  • I encourage all political parties to continue campaigning right now in a safe way.

  • The city of London police made a comment to the BBC yesterday that they Onley uh, they Onley prohibit canvassing, which means speaking with voters.

  • But I was not speaking with voters when I was detained on Sunday.

  • So this seems very duplicitous making that statement.

  • We fundamentally disagree with this.

  • We fundamentally support the Democratic right to choose your leaders.

  • And you could only do that if you campaign.

  • We are digitally campaigning in a complete 100% Covad.

  • Safeway, I'm going on the bus right now and I will be posting you on what's gonna happen next?

  • Leave your comments below.

  • Tell me what you think.

  • Do you think this is right?

  • Do you think this is wrong.

  • Do you support us to get out there and campaign in a safe way?

  • I want to hear from you.

  • Wish us luck.

Oh, sure, E.

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