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  • the first person that I went and spoke Thio was Simon Woodruff and this is Simon, and funny enough.

  • He invited me to speak with him yesterday.

  • And, of course, he just happens to live on a houseboat, uh, in Chelsea on the Thames River here in London.

  • So it's I know it's a hard job I had, but I got to go out and speak with this man.

  • He's an incredible guy.

  • Hey, received an OBE from the Queen in 2006 for services uh, Thio the country, and Simon for 30 years was in the entertainment business.

  • Then he created a restaurant chain called Yo Sushi, where at the time no one had ever seen anything like that in London.

  • He put sushi on conveyor belts that went around the restaurant.

  • You could take what you want.

  • Robots would serve you drinks, and it was really out there.

  • It required a lot of innovation, a lot of risk taking a lot of riel.

  • British spirit.

  • Andi hey made a massive success out of that.

  • He later went on to become one of the first dragons on Dragon's den and quiz entrepreneurs and pushed them hard about their business models, and I got to sit down with him yesterday and I asked him, quite frankly, I said, Simon, you know what do you see the problems we face here and what are some of the solutions to get London back toe work?

  • Because I I really feel that the economy solve so many problems.

  • Um, it gets people back on track.

  • It gets, um, busy.

  • It gets, um, generating an income.

  • It provides certainty.

  • And so I went out and asked him some really hard questions, and I want to share with you some of the responses that he gave to me.

  • So here's a short video clip of me going out and speaking with Simon would drift yesterday.

  • S o Brien Rose from London.

  • Real.

  • I am on this beautiful house boat in Chelsea Harbor with Simon Woodruff, who is an entrepreneur who's pretty much been there and done that.

  • 30 years in the entertainment business.

  • Hey also was the founder of Yo Sushi and iconic British brands, one of the first dragons on Dragon's den, and now he's taken that yo brand into hospitality all around the world, and I'm super excited to sit down with him today and maybe answer some questions that have been burning inside me lately.

  • Which is how do we get London back toe work?

  • Tell me about fear.

  • You know, this country has seen moments of real darkness and come together.

  • You know the blitz in 1940 for example.

  • And I remember when this started happening in March, I had a young team and I said, Look, I've seen things like this before.

  • I've seen economic crashes.

  • I remember the AIDS scare when I was in New York City and I said, You know, you're gonna feel this fear, but if you breathe through it, it's never gonna be as much as you think it is.

  • But a lot of people that process for your really, maybe poorly or in a difficult way with all this Covic, how would you give advice to how to deal with the fear of the unknown?

  • Because some sort of business e look, here we are sitting in a serious business conversation on We're talking about fear.

  • I mean, the world has changed on absolutely right.

  • I mean, fear is one of the most common human emotions that we all suffer.

  • All of the time.

  • Actually, it's very useful.

  • A bit like anger could be very useful as well.

  • It gets you up, gets you off.

  • Obama gets you doing things.

  • Um, stress is not so good because it's a rehabilitates you and stops you doing things.

  • So you know, there's a balance, But I think, you know, we're going through a period where we're learning, and I think it will be taught in schools eventually.

  • How to deal with these emotions that we get a human beings they're supposed to just learning about this gin, geography and math, you know, And we will get much better and more rounded human beings.

  • Ready toe work, dealer.

  • But I think, you know, I've seen during this whole pandemic crisis a bit of a wartime spirit, a sense of us being in it together.

  • Andi, I hope that will, as I'd say, go through the government so we'll get better politicians in time.

  • And I really enjoyed my time with Simon.

  • You could see he really is quite a character.

  • And we're gonna be publishing the entire conversation, of course, on our website and on YouTube as well.

  • But what really stood out for me is what Simon said.

  • He said fear and anger can be healthy.

  • They can get us to do the right things.

  • But stress is one of the biggest problems that we face, and he's seen a lot of that in the community.

  • Ah, lot of that with entrepreneurs.

  • Ah, lot of that with people being laid off and people with furlough and people not knowing their economic future.

  • It was really interesting to hear that point of view from him and how he thought that stress factor was one of the worst things that can happen and one of the most damaging pieces when it comes to what's happening in this lock down and when it comes to any kind of economic downturn.

  • Wow, want, want, want help?

  • Why stop my wife?

  • Mhm.

the first person that I went and spoke Thio was Simon Woodruff and this is Simon, and funny enough.

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FEAR & ANGER CAN BE HEALTHY: Why Stress Is A Disadvantage In Business - Simon Woodroffe

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