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  • outside the key on Johnson number, the top recruits in a very, very talented young group of players around SEC on Missouri.

  • This is something that Rick Barnes was really concerned about it.

  • Teams want to get out and run on, try and get some easy shots.

  • Easy points, as Missouri did on the first possession.

  • Henson on the blow by spins that up and in.

  • Really Look, when you watch these teams, you're going to see a lot of this right here.

  • Pick and roll on.

  • They were really concerned in the Florida game of their pick and roll coverage.

  • A lot of shots right at the lane should open up some shooting for them and later on in the game.

  • Bonds gotta be very careful not to pick up his second.

  • There is Drew Smith deep out of the corner off the turnover, Missouri looking to push it.

  • Henson thought about it.

  • Better of it.

  • That ball blocked down inside.

  • Rejected by Davante games number zero and what was picked to win the SEC, Fulkerson loses the handle boy.

  • Missouri's defense has Fishman Two Nations hips and turning on the Jets lays it up, and it's only taken seven shots as compared to 16 from Missouri.

  • A.

  • Henson is hello red hot, good defensive rotation again and held by Missouri Throop.

  • Ember on the floor kicks into the corner.

  • Big pull up jump shot by Joe Joe J 12.

  • When Black is a very nice combo guard ball is loose momentarily.

  • That was Mark Smith.

  • Here's Drew down the lane up off the iron and gets that one ball.

  • What I've found.

  • Offensive rebound comes right into the hands of James on.

  • He misses that.

  • Visco V sets his feet Good rotation defense, Perimeter once again on the offensive rebound.

  • Only taken two shots so far in the game looking for some space down inside Tennessee, doing a good job of denying pence and dribbles, steps back and buries another one again.

  • Like I said earlier, Pencil right now is the one who's really getting off Vincent once again.

  • Now, with 19.

  • This is that just off the side of the iron Bruce.

  • Long range.

  • About a 25 footer.

  • Wow!

  • At 28% right now through the 1st 20.

  • Excuse me 18 minutes and then some.

  • They've made a ton there, six out of 10 and Ive Pond answers with a basket but offensive set that time by Tennessee.

  • Hey, Pinson spins that one up.

  • Offensive rebound taken by Tilman muscled back up and in, and it looked to complete the three point blood we get to see.

  • This is what you define as strong.

  • Come on, pick it on the floor Now for Kobe Brown to really offense, it's time to go off to the races.

  • Henson loses his balance.

  • The ball, luckily, goes into the corner to a teammate.

  • Here's Drew Smith gathers down the lane, lays it up and in game now with 15 Pinson with 21 whose fifth again little ball fake and another block that time once again by Eve Ponds and your guy blows right by.

  • He makes it all better.

  • That was Visco V with a little fake and some matador defense.

  • Drew Booth transfer out of Hawaii kicks into the corner to Kobe Brown.

  • Tillman turning, looking for space.

  • Nice footwork.

  • Really good.

  • Play over the shoulder on the little jump hook.

  • Now, 14 minutes at 64 to 50.

  • Big possession here, Paul brokers and trying to go right at Tillman and frozen a tough shot off the window.

  • This he's gonna have to find a way to make some shots on, get back into this night, step through by focusing.

  • But that's gotta be old.

  • Did they call a foul on that up?

  • Anybody out there in California that could I do.

  • As a matter of fact, I'll send him right your way.

  • Little Roger.

  • Oh, Pinson throws it up and in now he's got 27.

  • We'll hear again.

  • Here's his ability.

  • They get the switch and he makes an incredible shot.

  • But the last two or three times they've really gotten switch this one under a minute.

  • He could really pass it.

  • Oh, man.

  • He had 16 and 12 today in Auburn's win.

  • Had 11 assists in the first half.

  • Nice play that basically a concession basket on the Eve pond broke out of his shooting slump.

  • Just Gore.

  • 18.

  • Bailey Junior had 12.

  • James with 12.

  • Also a good time with big time went on the road.

  • Since some of those three quick three you can get over Obama shows no signs of that happening anytime soon, I could tell you Missouri wins it by a final score of 73 to 64.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

outside the key on Johnson number, the top recruits in a very, very talented young group of players around SEC on Missouri.

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No. 19 Missouri upsets No. 6 Tennessee on the road [HIGHLIGHTS] | ESPN College Basketball

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