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  • Mira: Today we're on the trail

  • to discover an amazing big cat,

  • the Sumatran tiger.

  • Come on! Let's look closer with me, Mira.

  • Sumatran tigers are only found

  • in the wild in one place,

  • the island of Sumatra in a country called Indonesia.

  • In Indonesian, the word for tiger is "harimau."

  • Can you say "harimau"?

  • We know tigers have stripes,

  • but did you know that it's not just their fur?

  • Let's look closer.

  • Underneath, their skin is striped, too.

  • Sumatran tigers have more stripes than any other tigers.

  • And the stripes aren't just beautiful.

  • They look like shadows to help tigers hide in the forest

  • and the tall grass.

  • But when these big cats roll over, their tummies,

  • chests, and inner legs are white.

  • They may act like giant housecats,

  • but tigers are one of the world's

  • most powerful predators.

  • Sumatran tigers' eyesight is as good

  • as humans' during the day.

  • But at night their eyesight is way better than ours.

  • Their ears are super sensitive, too,

  • and each ear can turn separately from the other.

  • Can you try turning your ears?

  • It's okay. We can't do that trick like tigers.

  • Sumatran tigers have long, strong back legs

  • to help them leap.

  • They're great jumpers.

  • And unlike housecats,

  • Sumatran tigers are strong swimmers.

  • They make some interesting sounds, too.

  • This one is called a chuff.

  • ( chuffing )

  • It's a friendly greeting

  • to other tigers.

  • ( chuffing )

  • Can you make a chuff?

  • That was great!

  • There's also their famous...

  • ( roars )

  • Amazing!

  • Keep learning about animals

  • and you can be an animal expert one day, too.

  • Until next time, when we look closer

  • at more Disney animals.

Mira: Today we're on the trail

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Sumatran Tiger | Disney Animals: Let's Look Closer with Mira! | Disney Junior

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