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  • 11 miners have bean lifted to safety two weeks after an explosion trapped them 600 m below ground at a gold mine in China.

  • Thebes Dramatic rescue operation has been gathering pace with specialist teams racing to reach the men who are still trapped.

  • 22 in total were cut off after the blast in the mind in Shandong province.

  • One of the miners was confirmed dead several days ago.

  • Ah, breakthrough.

  • After two weeks of intense rescue efforts, this man grateful to be alive, his eyes shielded after he emerged from underground.

  • He could walk, but others were too weak to stand.

  • You want Okay, I am boreholes were their lifelines.

  • Vital supplies including food, water and medicine were lowered to the miners.

  • A psychologist also provided support to those trapped.

  • The explosion happened in an air ventilator shaft after major blockages suddenly fell to the bottom.

  • Rescuers were able to reach a man trapped alone at 630 m underground.

  • The others, one of whom died, were found at 540 m.

  • 10 more people remain unaccounted for.

  • Life detectors are being sent down to locate Hm.

  • Nine managers have reportedly been detained for failing to report the blast for more than 24 hours.

  • It's a dangerous line of work in China.

  • Nearly 600 mining related deaths were reported last year alone.

  • Correspondent Fabian Kretschmann joins me from Beijing Now with more Fabian, what do we know about the condition of the miners who have been rescued?

  • Well, the first miner who was rescued, He's in a very weak condition, and I'm quoting the officials here and here.

  • He's there was no communication with him, no extra food.

  • So actually, it's a miracle that he survived.

  • And among the other 10 rescue workers, they were in a group and nine off them are supposed to be in a relatively stable and good health condition because they were also sent additional food they even requested on the last day.

  • Underground sausage means so Actually, they were really a careful because the rescue team established a communication line with them.

  • But one off those 10 miners he iss supposed to suffer an injury, but I don't know how severe this injury is.

  • I mean, we understand there are still 10 miners who are unaccounted for.

  • Do we know what hope there is for these miners who are still underground.

  • Well, there's hope, but little hope they believed to be in the so called six central section off the mind.

  • But the rescue team does not.

  • It's not sure if they are really there, and they're also not sure until what time they can reach this section off the mind.

  • So I mean, time is running out.

  • They are trapped there since the tense off January.

  • And yeah, I would say the chances of survival are getting bleaker.

  • And if I mean, what are the Chinese authorities saying?

  • Moving on from the rescue operation?

  • What are Chinese authorities saying about the cause of the accident?

  • And indeed, the response to it from the mining company?

  • Well, I mean, they're criticizing the mining company because they have not reported the incident for almost 30 hours.

  • That's a big scandal, but that's actually happening quite often because usually those companies that will try to solve those things by their own on bond.

  • The big problem is we don't really know how this happened, because reporting here is quite controlled by the state.

  • They usually hand out orders on how to report it and whether to report it and this explosion The reason why things whole tragedy happened is unexplained for so we don't really know why by being clutch in Beijing.

  • Thank you so much.

11 miners have bean lifted to safety two weeks after an explosion trapped them 600 m below ground at a gold mine in China.

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Chinese miners rescued two weeks after explosion | DW News

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