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  • senior doctors have called on the government to shorten the gap between the 1st and 2nd doses of fighter biotech Corona virus vaccinations.

  • In a letter to England's chief medical officer, which has been seen by the BBC, the doctors union there be Emma called the gap of a maximum 12 weeks difficult to justify, Aun said.

  • It could potentially undermine the effectiveness of the jab.

  • However, the government argues it could save lives by allowing more people to receive a first jab more quickly.

  • Health correspondent Anna Collinson reports they're used to taking care of others, but they're now the ones being looked after today.

  • Thousands of health and social care workers like here in Glasgow have been receiving their coronavirus vaccine vaccines Obviously your dosage painted on from Scotland to South Wales and the Lin Peninsula, this pilot aims to reach those who are unable to travel to the largest sites very pleased and looking forward to the next one.

  • But while the rollout rolls on, so do questions about the gap between the 1st and 2nd dose assed pressures intensified on hospitals in December, the dosage gap was extended to 12 weeks.

  • The UK is chief medical officers said millions of the most vulnerable were more likely to become severely ill without a job, and this was the best way to reach more of them quickly.

  • But some senior doctors want the interval for the fighter jab, reduced to six weeks.

  • That would still allow many more people toe have a first dose compared to a three week interval.

  • But at least it would be in keeping with international best practice guidance.

  • There is no other nation internationally that has adopted a 12 week DeLay.

  • Data suggests the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is still effective when doses are given 12 weeks apart, but fighter only has data for the first three weeks.

  • Even so, many scientists have defended the U.

  • K's current approach, calling it a balance of risks.

  • I totally support the decision to extend the gap between doses.

  • I think the looking that evidence in total.

  • I think that is strongly supportive of that, Andi.

  • I think on this particular occasion, the B.

  • M A has probably got it wrong.

  • Ministers say the current process is the right move will be particularly keen to reassure anyone who has concerns.

  • This mosque in Birmingham is the first in the UK to become a vaccination center.

  • One more measure to try and reach the most vulnerable Anna Collinson.

senior doctors have called on the government to shorten the gap between the 1st and 2nd doses of fighter biotech Corona virus vaccinations.

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Doctors' leaders warn vaccine second dose delay may "undermine effectiveness" - BBC News

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