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  • Bart Scott.

  • What is your perspective on this?

  • I mean, it is discouraging greeny.

  • Once again, we see, um, African American qualified candidate gets slighted and, you know, I don't know.

  • You know, these stories about he may not interview.

  • Well, that's a joke.

  • I mean, because if you talk to anybody that has ever talk to him or have ever interviewed him, he's a guy that understands and knows how.

  • Toe talk to the media knows how to say the right things.

  • He that was very gracious of him right there.

  • I'm just tired green of every time we look up and it's a it's a name that nobody's ever heard off.

  • You don't have to Google, you know, it's some white coach from somewhere, and, you know, it's like the good old boys club right there taking care of their own.

  • And they're not giving guys the opportunity.

  • I think it's a joke, and I think it is.

  • It's a making a mockery of the Rooney rule.

  • I mean, not only is is Air B enemy a qualified candidate, you got tied bowls.

  • We never even hear Byron Leftwich name mentioned and look what he's been able to do.

  • He had Jamis Winston Yes, James Winston, hungry for W hungry for wins.

  • That that that James wasn't 5000 yards in that offense.

  • And then the next year, you know Tom Brady is effective as well, Like he's not even mentioned.

  • And not only is that he's got, he's got blood in the soil or whatever you want to say because he's played in this league.

  • Played at a high level.

  • He wasn't some Michael Vick.

  • Lamar Jackson out of pocket, unconventional type of quarterback.

  • He's a guy that had to think because he didn't have the physical attributes toe play the game with athleticism.

  • He was gonna have to think the game.

  • So you're telling me that he's good enough to be the coordinator, but he's not good enough to be even mentioned in the in the quarterback or in the head coaching realm like it's a joke.

  • I mean, last year we heard Joe Judge had never heard of gotta Google him.

  • You gotta find him.

  • I didn't even know Dan Campbell asked.

  • Was even still in the NFL?

  • This dude sounded like he's on Piper Pin yesterday and doing a arrested pro moment, but that's the guy that he decided to be the CEO of your organization.

  • Slap in the face of all Detroit Lions fans, in my opinion, cause I'm from there.

  • We're gonna play that sound for you a little bit later today.

  • RC, Go ahead.

  • Yeah, you know, I used to be upset about it, but I actually talked to Raheem Morris last week, and I you know, I apologize to him, and I told him that I hate what this league have done has done to minority and African American coaches.

  • And he said, Oh, it's no problem.

  • He's like we knew what it waas, he said.

  • I knew I had to be undefeated.

  • I knew I had to try to get this team into the playoffs in order to keep this job.

  • And so it seems like the minority coaches of the black coaches even and listening to Eric B.

  • Enemy.

  • They have come to the conclusion that they understand their fight, and it's usually us that get upset.

  • But I want you to think about this when we see Sirianni get a job or it's Dan Campbell or Staley and you start to see some of these names they gonna get Urban Meyer from college.

  • You think about all the criteria or what?

  • The things that are hot right?

  • Obviously.

  • Andy Reid, Assistance and Andy Reid.

  • Offensive coordinators were hot because we had Doug Peterson.

  • We had Matt Nagy.

  • Now Eric, the enemy gets there and it's something different.

  • He doesn't call plays.

  • Okay, let's move the goalposts for him.

  • And then now you're the Philadelphia Eagles and you're looking for a coach to get your job and you get guys like Malcolm Jenkins that come out in endorsed Do Staley.

  • Also Boston.

  • Scott, a guy trained that says that Do Staley would be the person for the job and they overlook him and they go higher.

  • Frank Wright Jr Jr.

  • And so what we're starting to see is that they could go deep into the pipeline to hire these white head coaches and find white head coaches who we've never heard of who have never coordinated, who've never called plays.

  • And that's okay.

  • But when we talk about the biggest problem is this.

  • Every time we talk about a job, we mentioned one African American coach.

  • We mentioned one black head coach and that's Eric Bieniemy, but they could dig deep enough to find seven white coaches toe higher before they hire the one name that we have to mention constantly because we feel like it's mainstream enough for people to know That's an issue.

  • All right, I will leave it there for the moment.

  • But certainly this is an issue that isn't going away.

  • There was one vacancy left right now.

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Bart Scott.

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