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  • now.

  • Now, King is not your real last name.

  • Is that right?

  • What is your real last name?

  • Zeiger.

  • I was born with the name Laurence Harvey Zeiger z e i g e r And I got the name King in a funny way my first day on the radio.

  • All my life I've dreamed of being on the radio.

  • It was my I never wanted to be anything else but ah broadcaster on and finally get hired a small station in Miami Beach.

  • Finally, my dreams come true and I get a job I'm gonna start Monday morning is a disc jockey.

  • And all weekend I'm nervous and I'm practicing and it's quarter to nine.

  • Small radio station general manager calls me and he says, Well, you're ready.

  • I said, I'm ready.

  • So this is your big day.

  • You're starting radio.

  • 22 years old?

  • Yes.

  • He says, what name you're going to use?

  • I says Larry Zeiger.

  • He said, You can't use that.

  • I said Why?

  • I said, Well, it's ethnic People don't know how to spell it.

  • They won't remember it.

  • I said, Well, what?

  • Whoa!

  • I'm nervous enough!

  • And he had the Miami Herald Open it was an ad for King's Wholesale Liquors, and he said, That's what the air was.

  • King's Wholesale Liquors 1925 Walton Road Hey, says, Why don't you take Larry King?

  • So you're named after a sale on booze.

  • I am named after a vast liquor sales.

  • Wow, you could have been Larry Wholesale Liquor.

  • I know that could have been see.

  • It could have been a lot worse.

  • He's right.

  • He could have been a lot worse.

  • Andy, you know I love you.

  • I love you on.

  • You know, you know why your career hasn't bounce for because you would have named the guy Larry.

  • Larry, Larry, I tell you on that would have been funny for a week.

  • There's about, but they will never eat.

  • There were shut ins that would have made me the here and there hero, but there never would have been a Larry's Wholesale Liquor Live 10th anniversary.

  • Now I should probably explain to the people at home, you know, these two have had a bit of a running feud going.

  • Whenever they come on the show, there's a bit of a few, You know what it is.

  • It's a bit about him.

  • It's a bit of a feud between these two.

  • Know he's funny.

  • Yeah, but you know something, Larry?

  • It love him.

  • He's funny.

  • It got a little ugly last time.

  • I don't know if you remember this, but I think we should show it again.

  • Can we show this clip, please?

  • Dana?

  • I thought it got a little ugly last time.

  • Maybe I'm crazy.

  • A clip of that time with Andy, please.

  • I got a great idea.

  • We're going to a show.

  • I'm gonna have both of you on together.

  • We'll talk to a star and a sidekick.

  • Okay.

  • Star sidekick.

  • Okay, this show is a step up.

  • Eso I come in, I meet a Neanderthal.

  • Hey, Proud of it.

  • He's proud of it.

  • You don't really need it.

  • You are a star.

  • What exactly does he do?

  • You wanna know what I do?

  • This is what I e No, that looks like fun.

  • Looks like fun to you people that got us into so much trouble with CNN.

  • You were hours Getting your head back on way.

  • Had to beg you to come back.

  • Beg me.

  • Still not right?

  • I just think there's still I still get a little quick I think we should take a break right now.

  • I think you two should just cement this thing once and for all.

  • I come back more with Larry King.

  • We'll see in a second.


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How Larry King Chose His Last Name - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

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