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  • all right, We're going to stop screwing around cause clearly have just been silly so far in this show.

  • That's not what this show is all about.

  • We're gonna get serious now.

  • We're gonna behave ourselves.

  • Because, folks, I think it's time once again that we look into the future way.

  • The future Conan That's right, Larry King.

  • Let's all look to the future all the way to the year 2000 in the Mike Tyson will prove he is still the world's greatest boxer When he takes a job assembling cardboard boxes, parents will stop telling their kids about the birds and the bees when the birds and the bees released a Siris of bondage porno film Oh, Theo Beach boys will finally change their names to the beach men, but only because Michael Jackson keeps asking to meet them.

  • Oh, Paris Hilton's marriage will come to an unfortunate end after she decides that she wants to see 600 other people.

  • Sales of Dr Pepper will plummet after it's revealed that Dr Pepper went to medical school in Guatemala, and he specializes in back alley boob jobs.

  • Oh, hunters in Alaska will shoot and kill a black bear and then discovered to their horror that it was actually a skinny dipping.

  • Tony Shaloub Scientists will discover that Galapagos turtles live for a long time, not because of their slow metabolism, but because they just want to be a burden on their Children.

  • Not having a joke to tell of his own.

  • Larry King will take a phone call.

  • Wichita Falls, you're on the air.

  • Hello, Larry, Long time listener.

  • First time caller.

  • Great.

  • What's your prediction?

  • Angelina Jolie will break up yet another happy marriage when she gets between Star Jones and her waffles.

  • Larry King will lose his endorsement deal with Welch's grape juice when it's revealed King hasn't had juice in his grapes for over 20 years.

  • I, Larry King will call Conan O'Brien and asked him to appear on my show as Man of the Year.

  • O Brien will arrive at the designated time on Lee to find an empty studio.

  • I will be sitting at home laughing, my asshole Larry King.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, you nailed it.

  • That's great.

all right, We're going to stop screwing around cause clearly have just been silly so far in this show.

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In The Year 2000: Larry King Edition - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

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