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  • guys.

  • It is time for wham bam!

  • Thank you, Graham.

  • And who other than Omar Raja, the Instagram King, also a tick tock king, to walk us through all of the latest on the MBA?

  • So tonight might have been the funniest n B a night this season.

  • Watch Kevin Durant and Yon is here.

  • It's crazy to think that Yannis has won two MVPs and the entire Brooklyn Nets team is leaving him wide open from three.

  • James Harden seems a lot happier in Brooklyn, so Harden, with his newfound happiness, decided to tap the referee on the but.

  • And last but not least, Kelly uber got a technical foul called on him for blowing a kiss to mantra as Harold.

  • Alright for Wham bam!

  • Thank you, Graham.

  • We've got our Omar Raja coming to join us.

  • He breaks down everything we see on N b a N ba Twitter.

  • The guy just is covering all bases and I gotta ask you about the Kelly you break kiss.

  • I mean, Valentine's Day is almost coming up.

  • Monday night is bachelor night.

  • Maybe he was just giving some love.

  • What's going on?

  • Listen, the Internet loves him.

  • He might be the best looking man in the N b a.

  • Just going off my instagram comments.

  • Everyone falls in love, so maybe that plays a role in it.

  • Who knows?

  • Tsunami, Poppy, getting that kind of love.

  • I was not aware.

  • Go ahead.

  • People love him.

  • Especially ticktock.

  • Ticktock is this weird place where you just be scrolling and there'll be people just saying he's the best looking man in the MBA.

  • How about that?

  • I'm not mad at okay.

  • I am far from a person on this site.

  • Omar is great on tic TAC.

  • I have to give him a shot s, I think on that real quick on the Nets Bucks rivalry, I assumed that it was James Harden and Yonas and then a group of that.

  • We're gonna be at each other's next.

  • But Katie stepping in for Mr Beer game proper instead.

  • What's up?

  • What's up there?

  • Listen, I think Kevin wants to show that he's the best player in the East.

  • I mean, they haven't played as Eastern Conference rivals yet, so this is the first time in Katie's letting them know.

  • I mean, look, Katie, so scrawny like, why is he pushing?

  • Honest of the ground, and then they're just daring him to shoot.

  • So I think the Brooklyn Nets just are never going to be honest fans.

  • Omar.

  • I'm having a really difficult time trying to process James Harden, right?

  • So in 48 hours, 72 hours, however you want to slice it, he's gone from the fat suit villain to now all of a sudden slap in the referee's rear end like, Is he likable?

  • Now, is this really going on?

  • You know what's funny?

  • Like C.

  • J.

  • McCollum?

  • Just tweeted, like literally an hour ago.

  • Oh, I'm so happy for James.

  • He looks so much happier.

  • And I'm like, man 23 days ago, everyone was having these reports about players were like, I'm disgusted with what James Harden's doing in Houston, so it's a complete 1 80.

  • I don't know how he did it.

  • I don't know.

  • He's been living in New York City to It's not like he's in a bad city like he's in the best city in the world, so he's doing all right.

  • He's literally Eddie Murphy's stunt double and Doctor Dolittle like like Where did that come from?

  • Well, it's funny care out of the clubs I like woke up and he had a full, like, tweet timeline about how much he loved Houston.

  • Maybe he's a changed man.

  • Or maybe we were just reading the whole situation wrong?

  • I don't know.

  • Anyways, Omar.

  • Alicia, thank you so much.

  • We appreciate all that you bring to this show.

  • Wham bam!

  • Thank you, mam.

  • Your awesome thanks.


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