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  • we're doing something called Perks.

  • Top three Perk.

  • I'm gonna have you walk us through the top players that you got for this week, just this week in particular.

  • This does not mean that this is perks top players in the in the league, just the ones that he's impressed with this week specifically.

  • Perk.

  • Who's your number one guy?

  • Well, look, first of all I know we know about Joe L and B.

  • We know about Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Steph Curry that shows some other people some love, like big yoking who is putting up N ba two k numbers.

  • This is unreal.

  • What he's doing right now.

  • This in the position he has flat out bawling career has all across the board, and I love it.

  • You know, I got a soft spot for the big man in the league, and when I see a big man dominating to this caliber, it just brings a smile on my face.

  • Secondly, secondly, I'm going with Andrew Wiggins.

  • Yes, I said Andrew Wiggins, because for the first time in his career, he doesn't have to be the number one pick.

  • The culture of the Golden State Warriors have embraced him with open arms.

  • They gave him a nickname to weigh wigs because he's dominating on the defensive end, protecting the basket, being there, two guys defensively on offensive end.

  • He's doing exactly what he needs to do.

  • He don't have to be a number one pick.

  • He could be a second or third option of Steph Curry.

  • And that's a great And that's a great thing for, um, my last but not least, the young Bull College Sexton.

  • I told people when Cleveland drafted this kid, he was gonna be special.

  • He is relentless.

  • He is a dog.

  • He has got better every single year.

  • And guess what?

  • He's not done.

  • He is carrying this team.

  • Overall, I see growth for its him facilitating and get better for for other guys.

  • And also he dropped 4200 buns.

  • That's what James Harden called it when he gave it to a little baby.

  • Right?

  • But college Texan, if the great Kobe Bryant was here, I'm guarantee you that he would bless college sex and with the Mamba mentality, because that's what he has.

  • You love to see it.

  • I just want to point out that he just beat the Nets again.

  • 25 points, nine assists.

  • Kind.

  • He had 38 points.

  • The score was 1 25 1 13 rods.

  • What do you think about Perks?

  • Top three of last week have doubling down with another win over the Nets and Kyrie Irving still with big production.

  • Scoring wise.

  • But it's not turning into a W for the Nets is concerning, but I will say this about Collin Sexton.

  • You know, he had every reason to maybe just be happy, especially in that first game back for Kyrie with Harden and K d.

  • That was supposed to be there special, you know, coming out party a reason there and he just spoiled it.

  • I like that.

  • He took the physicality of the matchup with Kyrie.

  • There was one point where Kyrie kind of on the offensive end knocked them right in the mouth.

  • He didn't back down in overtime.

  • He didn't get tired in double overtime.

  • He doubled down, continue to hit shot after shot.

  • Those superstars should have been able to put the game away somehow, but he was, um, unrelenting.

  • And the biggest thing there is, like a lot of young players would have been happy to show up, play well and have to respect that those players.

  • He absolutely wanted to spoil their day.

  • And then today, coming back and being able to consistently in another game against them deliver is very impressive.

  • There's a lot about where his head and his heart is that Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN plus right now.

we're doing something called Perks.

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