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  • All right, let's talk about some kicks we're gonna welcome in our residents.

  • Sneaker head Nick DePaula.

  • Because who else would we possibly want to talk snakes?

  • If it wasn't him, let's start with the air.

  • Jordan 35.

  • What can you tell us about their presence on the court this season?

  • Yeah, we're seeing a huge resurgence for Jordan brand.

  • You know, the last 16 months they've been trying to reset their roster.

  • They added, Zion Williamson, Uh, Luca Jayson Tatum really had camera.

  • And then they just added Bradley Beal, too.

  • So they've got a whole new batch of guys wearing the Jordan 35 around the league and basically reestablishing the annual game shoe that we all grew up loving.

  • Of course, when it comes to those PS that we saw the car, merlots were easily far and away my favorite of them.

  • But like when we're talking sneaker deals, they had to have been adjusted quite a bit, given the shortened season and everything that occurs after that financially.

  • So what?

  • Have they made adjustment wise on that front?

  • Yeah, it's been a crazy year in terms of shoe deals, obviously, with all the financial impact that brands are facing.

  • We basically have 100 sneaker free agents playing this season already, which is unprecedented.

  • Onley.

  • Four rookies in the class got a shoe deal to start the year.

  • Lemelle a ball with Puma.

  • Anthony Edwards signed with Adidas on the Echo Quanzhou on the Hawks side of Adidas as well.

  • And then R J.

  • Hampton is with leaning so outside of that, it's been a pretty slow season so far to start.

  • And a lot of guys, we're just playing for free, Nick.

  • Meanwhile, the Nike A Listers air like one recession.

  • What financial impact I'm talking about.

  • Net App.

  • Knicks.

  • You got K D.

  • You got Kyrie A.

  • Where is Nike gonna give Kyrie like a cross trainer of walking shoe?

  • Because he certainly isn't using his basketball one any time soon.

  • So what's good with them?

  • Well, they've been putting the third eye on his shoe for about four shoes now, So that's the conspiracy.

  • Elements have been involved in the shoes, for sure, but but But, you know, obviously, with the James Harden trade to you got a crazy, crazy situation where it's pretty rare.

  • I think it's only happened a handful of times in league history where you got three signature guys on the same shoe.

  • I'm on the same team.

  • And you could throw Spencer Dinwiddie into that mix, too, because he has his own kind of side brand he doesn't shoot with.

  • So for Nets, they're gonna have a ton of star power.

  • And it's gonna be fun to see them play the Knicks, because the Knicks are kind of this up and coming team with a ton of guys wearing Puma's.

  • Obviously, they got the connection with Clyde Frazier being the iconic guy that, as crazy as this sounds, was on the last next championship team.

  • So you know, they're hoping they could get the new guys going and and they've been wearing some fun stuff with Puma.

  • They've got collaboration with everybody's, you know, one of everybody's favorite holiday movies, Elf, that they've been rocking so kind of a different, crazy approach.

  • But it's been fun to see what they've been doing.

  • I love to hear about Puma guys because it also Spencer didn't because I feel like people often sleep on Spencer Dinwiddie and he does have his own sneaker.

  • I wanna ask is the last question to wrap this thing up.

  • You obviously have a sneaker plug.

  • Can you get me in on that or No, I told I told Trevor a couple weeks back, I haven't got a shoe on sneakers since, like 2016.

  • Esso.

  • I wake up earlier on the West Coast and get the hell is to like you guys so I could try to see what I could dio.

  • Okay, so I'll just I'll just keep trying on the sneakers app.

  • I guess I'll just keep trying and keep taking else.

  • Thanks so much, Nick.

  • All right, Thanks, Scott.

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All right, let's talk about some kicks we're gonna welcome in our residents.

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Jayson Tatum, Zion and Luka are all playing in Air Jordan 35s – Nick DePaula | Hoop Streams

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