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  • by early union.

  • This whole, uh, Booth Kenshoo.

  • Yeah.

  • Uh huh.

  • I see the one you won a union.

  • Uh, just, uh, his own in this city often called China Silicon Valley is a man who builds mechanical watches from scratch.

  • Uh, a car.

  • Lynn is one of only a handful of Chinese watchmakers accredited by the A h C i, a Swiss association of independent watchmakers.

  • It's the crowning achievement for a man who spent a lifetime learning how to build a watch from the ground up.

  • Not so todo talking like us remain.

  • And we are doing senior drawing young woman a single 20 send water.

  • Uh, only so a single sandy in war.

  • Uh, it all started when he was a kid.

  • You need to be honest, your son minute, either.

  • Uh, well, you know, what's your, uh you, uh, did not have a utopia, huh?

  • Put the put it about Tyler.

  • Follow your money and your toe.

  • That's, uh, with Booth.

  • After graduating high school, Lin started his career at a court's watch factory in Shenzhen in 1991.

  • Uh, John, pay you, uh, Rhonda gp either.

  • So via dollar?

  • Uh, e j Smooth, easier uh, get a high Common A woman, uh, three.

  • Could be your sin.

  • She Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • Uh, 12 years later, Lin still designs and makes all the watches himself.

  • The only help you might get is from an apprentice.

  • Yeah.

  • Bang.

  • A woman with a, uh, Indian Theo, Uh, 31 with a quite a three times what, Sonny Realize that you are a woman to the other.

  • You 100.

  • I don't on another note.

  • Oh, Guangzhou water You obedience is uh uh, you see Oh, Jesus.

  • South European.

  • Um, E o uh, early union.

  • Uh, union.

  • What?

  • Be so you can Nando's called 12 feeling.

by early union.

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He’s Self-Taught and Makes $80,000 Watches

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/22
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