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  • LeBron James and Yonas combo.

  • Here's James.

  • He had a deflected here's LeBron for three.

  • Got a basket counts in the foul with James Booth in Milwaukee.

  • Maybe an MBA preview.

  • Maybe Lakers and the Bucks.

  • Their second straight loss.

  • As we say.

  • Good morning to MBA analyst Tim Legler, and you honest him at 25 points, 12 rebounds in that loss but also committed nine turnovers.

  • What you see from him?

  • Yeah, they had a lot of issues in this one, really.

  • Across the board, they had a hard time guarding Anthony Davis and the Post.

  • LeBron James went nuts from the three point line.

  • Overall, they shot it well, but that could all be overcome.

  • If you're honest, has a spectacular night.

  • Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

  • I just saw a guy that looked too intent on trying to come out and impose his will on the game with four.

  • So when you do that, sometimes get yourself in tough spots and these offensive fouls really hurt him all night long.

  • He committed four of these and obviously those go on your turnover total on the stat sheet, which leads to seven first half turnovers in the first half and then even when he had an opportunity in the second half when they when they came back and they made it, ah, game.

  • He had some struggles offensively, took a really ill advised three pointer.

  • He comes up short on this jumper right here.

  • He also missed a couple of very important free throws down the stretch, and you don't ever question Yanis his heart and desire.

  • But sometimes that force doesn't translate to playing smart.

  • I don't think he played a very smart game, and as a result, on a night when the Lakers really did everything well, the only way you could overcome that is for the M V P to go off.

  • And he really struggled offensively throughout this one.

  • And as a result, the Lakers continue to be undefeated on the road.

  • It's early in the season to go ahead and look standings here after the Milwaukee Bucks, but maybe there's a little bit of rear view mirror watching when you see how the Nets have improved themselves.

  • Brooklyn has a rematch with Cleveland tonight in the Cavs, beat him on Wednesday night, first game for the Big three there.

  • What's the biggest adjustment that you want to see from the Nets on offense tonight in that rematch?

  • Well, look, they had great stat lines individually, all three of their star players, But I just don't think that's a sustainable way to win in this league.

  • Just making great shots individually.

  • So James Harden was the guy that had the ball predominantly at the point guard position.

  • It seemed like it was his show, and that surprised me a little bit because they just left in his hands and what they were going to do.

  • Possession by possession, I would love to see.

  • And now that you've had a little bit more time together, maybe you practice a walk through a film session, get some more sets where multiple guys touch the ball on the same possession and you run action.

  • That makes it really difficult to defend your not so predictable.

  • That's the reason you have cardi Irving and Kevin Durant out there with you rather than just give them the ball and let them is a would go one on one and make great.

  • How about we get the ball moving from side to side and get defense is to really have to communicate against three star players.

  • So let's see them initiate the offense a little bit more with K, D or Kyrie.

  • Maybe off that first past, I think they'll be much harder to guard.

  • But again, their defense is really where, where they have the most room for improvement here.

  • And that's ultimately what's going to determine if they could win a championship.

  • Yeah, any improvement is more than zero, right?

  • If you actually have a little bit of defense and give up 42 to call in Sex and we'll see what he does tonight as well.

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LeBron James and Yonas combo.

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