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  • When the Cavaliers traded away Kyrie Irving a little more than three years ago, they did not exactly secure a bonanza in return.

  • Forget what say Oklahoma City got for trading away Paul George.

  • In fact, forget what Oklahoma City got for trading away Russell Westbrook to Houston.

  • The Cavs got two players who aren't in the league anymore, plus Jae Crowder, who now plays in Phoenix, and the rights to a single draft pick.

  • What would end up being the number eight slot in 2018?

  • LeBron would later say the Kyrie trade also cost Cleveland well, him that as soon as that deal was made, it was quote the beginning of the end for everything.

  • All of which is to say, that is a lot of pressure to put on the player who would become that Number eight pick Collin Sexton.

  • And for large stretches of the past couple of seasons, Sexton has looked well, much like you would expect.

  • A promising kid who was allergic to passing on a rebuilding team with a revolving door of teammates and coaches.

  • J.

  • B.

  • Bickerstaff is, in fact Sexton's fourth coach in three seasons, which is crazy and honestly Until last night, there were plenty of casual MBA fans who, if they knew Sexton existed at all, it was because of the nickname that's been given to the Cavs backcourt.

  • Oh, yes, it Zack Lows.

  • Favorite MBA phrase right now.

  • Sexless boom!

  • You know Collin Sexton teammate Darius Garland.

  • Sex Land.

  • Get it?

  • Zack does, Anyway.

  • While the Cavs have already made remarkable strides under Bickerstaff, it certainly would have been understandable for anyone looking at last night's scheduled to see Nets cabs on the docket and think Cleveland was going to serve his little more than a speed bump for the 1000 power 1000 horsepower monster that is Brooklyn's new Big Three.

  • This was Kerry's first game playing alongside Kevin Durant and James Harden, and also Kyrie is second, only his second time back in Cleveland since the Cavaliers traded him.

  • In fact, Tyree's return was a big enough deal.

  • The Cavs played a tribute video for him, to which Chi responded by smiling at the fans, showing off his ring finger Bottom line.

  • Everything was set up for a coronation, and it sure looked like one when the Nets stormed out of the gate, knocking down 10 straight shots to open the game, including that beauty.

  • Kyrie does well that defensively for the Nets, though.

  • Yeah, not so much.

  • The Cavs had come into the game with the MBA's worst offensive rating yet against Brooklyn, they shot 50% from three, scored 64 points in the paint.

  • They had seven players in double figures.

  • Is the game pushed into double overtime?

  • And Sexton in particular, was a monster, finishing with 42.

  • There was a stretch of one minute and 30 seconds of game time in which he'd score 11, all on his own, taking and making three contested three pointers.

  • Sexton would finished with 15 points in the second overtime, pushing the calves to the wind and sending the Nets into some postgame introspection.

  • Whether we had breakdowns all over the place, Um, you know, So we got a lot of work to do.

  • I think that's we know that we know that, you know, way have a very offensive team right now, so we have to find ways to defend, to get connected, to be on the same page, and that's gonna take some time.

  • There's learning from your mistakes.

  • Learning from the losses and not making the same mistakes two times in a row.

  • So, uh, you know, we got we got a long way to go, but I think we're in the right direction and we got some film in watch and defensively, we got to be a lot better.

  • And, you know, offensively, I think we start 100 and 35 points.

  • So just correct some things on our switching in our defensive principles.

  • I do think the Nets can correct some things and figure it out, and this game can be a building block for them.

  • But it was also a building block for Cleveland, who would welcome a return thio even the bottom of the East playoff bracket after what's been happening there the past few seasons.

  • And for Sexton, whose career started in the nearly impossible position of having to balance out a trade that sent out Kyrie Irving and chased away LeBron James, it was a chance to make more of his own mark a lights out performance on a national stage.

  • And for one night that was enough.

When the Cavaliers traded away Kyrie Irving a little more than three years ago, they did not exactly secure a bonanza in return.

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