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  • you gotta dio.

  • You're kind of in a pickle right now, which Where you gonna go?

  • Can Brady pull off the upset?

  • Better stay consistent.

  • Know what that means?

  • I can't explain what plane?

  • All year I've been saying the bucks bucks going to the Super Bowl.

  • But even when they lost to the States not once but twice, especially after they got smacked down 38 3.

  • I was reticent about it, but I said, Yo, I ain't jumping off the bandwagon.

  • And then I picked them to beat the New Orleans Saints.

  • I picked them to do it and they did it.

  • But I can't pick Tom Brady this week.

  • Oh, here we go, Max.

  • I can't do it.

  • That bad, man.

  • The brother, my brother from another mother, Him and Travis Kelsey.

  • That's what I say about them.

  • They're my brothers from another mother.

  • They are special.

  • And when it comes to Aaron Rodgers, who I believe to be the greatest talent at the quarterback position ever okay?

  • Ever watched him last week against those Los Angeles friends, watched him with Lazar in Davante Adams and about that scandal in and I'm looking at Emory Rogers and this at Lambeau Field.

  • It ain't been NFC Championship game at Lambeau Field since Brett Favre was the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

  • I usually don't do this.

  • There are exceptions to every rule on, and Aaron Rodgers qualifies as the except I'm rolling with Aaron Rodgers.

  • You know why Max Kellerman?

  • Because it ain't even about Tom Brady.

  • I'm rolling with Aaron Rodgers the rest of the way.

  • I'm rolling with Aaron Rodgers because I want to see him against Patrick Mahomes.

  • Okay, my homie E Roger E.

  • I want to see Aaron Rodgers against Patrick Mahomes.

  • Me?

  • Okay, that's what I want.

  • That's what Aaron Rodgers is going to give me, even if it means knocking off the goat.

  • Antonio Brown.

  • I don't give a damn whether he plays or not, because he is questionable for the game because his knee it don't matter.

  • I'm not going against that bad man.

  • And Rogers, I'm rolling with who I believe, the greatest talent at the quarterback position, ever his love for him.

  • It's so deep, I was gonna say, This is what this is really about.

  • What this is really about.

  • Stephen A Loves Aaron Rodgers.

  • More than He loves himself, his addiction going the whole time and Rogers his dude gets there.

  • His team gets there.

  • He's gonna look really good, especially after everything I said about Tom Brady.

  • He's gonna look real good.

  • He loves Aaron Rodgers more than he loves his own prediction.

  • That's why he's flipping right, man, I love What is it?

  • He's the greatest man.

  • Listen, he is the greatest.

  • Aaron Rodgers is that dude, Man, I I even have to go against my own printing press card.

  • But go ahead, Max.

  • I can't hear this love fest anymore.

  • Rogers better not lose.

  • That's what I'll say.

  • He better not lose.

  • All this time I've been talking about Cliff and everything else, but I always said Tom Brady is the goat.

  • But I also said he hasn't been the best.

  • The best has been Rogers Prima homes.

  • The best is Rogers.

  • Brady is the most accomplished.

  • You.

  • It's hard to separate the circumstance from the player.

  • It's such a team sport.

  • Well, if Brady didn't have Belichick, but he did have Belichick, but it reminds me of Montana and Marino.

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you gotta dio.

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Stephen A.: I’m jumping off the Bucs’ bandwagon, I’m rolling with Aaron Rodgers | First Take

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