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  • So let's look at the lineups, because that's gonna be something to keep a nigh on all season long.

  • Really?

  • When all three of the Big Three play together last night, Brooklyn outscored Cleveland by three when Katie and Harden played just those two.

  • Brooklyn was plus six.

  • And for just three minutes, when Harden was the only member of the Big Three on the floor, the Cavaliers outscored the Nets by 11.

  • Let's bring in our MBA analyst Kendrick Perkins and Perk.

  • You played with Kyrie for a couple seasons there in Cleveland.

  • So I think you know him better than most.

  • For sure, based on how Steve Nash structured his minutes, what's the most important thing we should take away from Cairo's return last night?

  • Well, I'll tell you, one thing is that Kariya is not sacrificing or taking a back seat to nobody, and that includes Kevin Durant and James Harden.

  • I mean, he hasn't played in almost two weeks and came back and put up almost 30 shots.

  • Now he was balding, but that's not what you wanted.

  • To see.

  • How the Kyrie and the Brooklyn Nets gotta figure out how they're going to sacrifice and I'm talking about the big Three.

  • Meaning they gotta take 20 shots of list of peace and get others involved because Because they can't win that way.

  • And if I'm Steve Nash, what I do is I used Tyree as 1/6 man type guy, meaning I will start them.

  • I would take him out the game early, probably in the first quarter.

  • Part of the first six minutes, I will let him play, then take him out and then bring him back with the second unit at the start of the second and just let Kyrie be Kyrie.

  • But right now, the way that things going, it's not gonna work offensively.

  • They gonna put up a lot of points.

  • But you got to get the others involved.

  • Joe Harris, Jeff Green, DeAndre, Jordan.

  • They had 10 points off the bench last night.

  • That's unacceptable.

  • The thing is, is that it's gonna take time, right?

  • This was just the first game with all three.

  • So we do need to take a deep breath and allow them to figure this out, right?

  • One thing we do know for sure the old adage that defense wins championships when the Nets acquired James Harden, you were adamant that defense will be the key for this team.

  • That was an issue last night.

  • Steve Nash said that there were breakdowns all over the place for what's your biggest concern for this team defensively?

  • Well, look, I wasn't a fan of when they had the trade Jared Allen, But I figured, you know, if you got to get rid of Jared Allen and get James Harden, you'll make that trade in the day.

  • But when you look at the Nets last night, they gave up 50% from the field and 50% from the three and Colin six, and obviously had his weight.

  • They have to establish a defense of identity.

  • If you look at all the champions even go back to Golden State.

  • Golden State Warriors.

  • Yeah, they were great offensively, but they always ranked in the top three in every defensive category, and they took pride on the defensive end.

  • That's what brings you back the hard Well, that's what's gonna get you.

  • Those rings and Katie been the champion, kind of re been a champion.

  • James going to the finals.

  • They know that defense is what it takes, and those guys gotta lock in and Steve Nash gotta hold those guys accountable.

  • Absolutely.

  • The A word.

  • Accountability coming into the game, By the way, the Cavs had the worst offensive rating in the league, but against the Nets, they shot over 51% from the field park, including 50% from three point range.

  • But again, it's early.

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So let's look at the lineups, because that's gonna be something to keep a nigh on all season long.

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Kendrick Perkins: The Nets' Big 3 has to get other players involved! | SportsCenter

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