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  • Tom Brady, starting his 14th conference championship game this weekend is so extraordinary that Hem Bo and I decided the only way to explain it is with the following list of the top 10 things about Tom Brady that are absolutely going to blow your mind.

  • Number 10 Onley.

  • Three franchises have played in Mawr championship games than Brady, and one of those is the Patriots, who went 13 times with him and just twice in 31 seasons without so they don't even count.

  • Number nine.

  • When Brady started his first conference championship game, the Houston Texans did not exist.

  • He has since beaten them in the playoffs twice.

  • Number eight in one season.

  • Brady has already accounted for 25% of all the playoff wins in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history.

  • Number seven.

  • Brady has completed 304 passes in conference championship games.

  • That is 42 Mawr than Joe Montana and Peyton Manning, who were 2nd and 3rd combined.

  • Number six.

  • Brady started his first conference championship game, January 27th 2002.

  • Since that date, Ohio State has beaten his alma mater, Michigan, 16 times Number five.

  • When Brady started his first conference championship game.

  • Hank Aaron was still baseball's all time leader in home runs, and number four Dan Marino was the NFL's all time leading passer.

  • Marino has since been surpassed by Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Brett Farr, Philip Rivers and Brady himself.

  • Number three in his forties alone in this decade of his forties, Tom Brady has won as many playoff games as the Bengals, Texans, Cardinals, Lions or Jaguars in their franchise history.

  • Number two, Brady has made it this far in the playoffs 74% of his seasons.

  • That means that every year it is more likely that he makes the conference championship than it is that LeBron James makes a free throw.

  • That any major league pitcher throws a strike.

  • Or that any golfer on tour makes a putt longer than 4 ft.

  • And finally, number one.

  • As of this Sunday, Tom Brady will be the only quarterback ever to have started a conference championship under four different US Presidents Bush, Obama, Trump and now Biden.

  • Those are the numbers on Tom Brady.

  • Let me go to the crew and see what we think.

  • Dominique, what is what is your reaction?

  • E.

  • I mean, it's incredible I don't know how.

  • Which one of those?

  • The 10 of those.

  • The most impressive.

  • But I was just reading about him.

  • I forgot that he won the league.

  • M v p At the age of 40 with three years ago.

  • Like the man is still outstanding.

  • He's by far the greatest.

  • Had the greatest career of any football player ever.

  • Um, but I don't think this, uh, they're gonna win this weekend.

  • I know we're not doing predictions right now, but I'm sorry to put a wet blanket on your brandy on your Brady love best.

  • But Aaron Rodgers, the bad man that Stephen a calls him is gonna ruin the fun.

  • I just gave you 10 reasons why picking against Tom Brady feels like a very, very bad idea.

  • De would let me come to you because you played with Brady at the very beginning of his career when he first sort of burst on the scene and one that very first Super Bowl.

  • Did you have any inkling then what it was we were going to see in him these next 20 years?

  • Green and I don't think anyone had a clue off the type of career that Tom Brady had it up to this point.

  • I mean, you're talking about a 43 year old quarterback, 43 year old quarterback that just threw for over 4000 yards and 40 touchdowns.

  • That's just unreal.

  • Okay, I'm over here sitting on my been sitting on my couch for about a decade, and Tom Brady is still going strong, slinging the ball all over the place.

  • So listen, the work ethic was always there.

  • You saw that from beginning.

  • But there's not a person in the world that could have predicted that Tom Brady would have this type of career.

  • The longevity, uh, that he's having an obviously a 43 putting up these type of numbers.

  • Meantime, Schefty, let me come to you is the only person in this conversation who was both caught a touchdown from him and intercepted him both in charity games.

  • But you will, of course, remember him going all the way back to when he was the quarterback at your alma mater, Michigan, and people forget.

  • Sometimes he wasn't a clear cut starter there for most of his career, and then it was 1/6 round pick.

  • The 199th player selected.

  • So no one then could have foreseen anything like this, right?

  • Not this.

  • No, of course not.

  • I mean, you're talking about a career that is legendary, iconic status.

  • And you could watch him back in Michigan, though, and see that he had the chance to be a really good quarterback.

  • But we're talking about something now that is so far beyond that and really, I think transcends almost any sport.

  • How Maney athletes go into their forties performing at the Hall of Fame level.

  • Old time, great level that Tom Brady still does.

  • I go back to a comment in a conversation.

  • We were once having talking about playing football and playing quarterback, and and he said to me at one point, I dream of throwing the football.

  • Now I have a lot of dreams.

  • I drink a lot of different things.

  • I don't dream of throwing the football.

  • Tom Brady does, and that's why Tom Brady is Tom Brady and why he's in the position he's in.

  • He dreams of throwing the football in his own words, and so that's a perfect place to sort of.

  • Leave this here, D would again, is this coming to an end like there isn't any obvious reason to think that he's particularly aside from his age, which makes this already impossible what he's doing.

  • Is there any reason to think he doesn't have multiple seasons left in him?

  • Greeny.

  • He's not falling off.

  • I mean, I mean, he probably had, like, this may be the second best season at the quarterback position this year.

  • Um, like what he's doing at 43 is remarkable, and he has a cast around him down in Tampa, you know, warm weather, living in flow, living in Florida.

  • Now, why would he want to give that up right now?

  • Like I said, go ahead and play as many years as you want.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Tom Brady, starting his 14th conference championship game this weekend is so extraordinary that Hem Bo and I decided the only way to explain it is with the following list of the top 10 things about Tom Brady that are absolutely going to blow your mind.

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