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  • Now all this week, Clive Marie has been reporting from the Royal London Hospital, which has been inundated with covert patients.

  • In his final report, he looks at the cost of the pandemic on both patients and medics alike, with staff working under greater pressure than at any time in the history of the NHS.

  • Just to warn you that Clive's Report, filmed with camera journalist David McElveen and producers Sampur Anti, is upsetting and does contain flashing images.

  • Okay, hello, we must speaking to Samina.

  • My name is Dr Healy Arena from the Royal London Hospital.

  • It's about your husband, Asif.

  • Consultant Mari Healy's words will sting.

  • One of her co vid patients isn't doing well in intensive care.

  • He's quite sick.

  • He could die from this.

  • By the way, I'm sorry to have to say that we've only been married for two years.

  • He's a light of your life.

  • He is.

  • He's never been away from me for even the day.

  • This is She Mima, who already knows loss in this pandemic on your wedding.

  • Her brother in law was buried last month, the victim of Cove in 19 this week, her father in law died from the virus.

  • Yeah.

  • Now her husband's life hangs precarious.

  • It is a feature of the second wave that whole families have been blighted.

  • We feel so empty, like for me not to have my husband by my side.

  • Life is too short.

  • You want to spend it with your loved ones because I have to be strong for my mother.

  • And I have to be strong for my sister in law.

  • You know, they kind of rely on me.

  • If I break down, then e don't know what's gonna happen to the family.

  • After Asif lies limp, one of close to 40 people across the UK now breathing with the aid of a machine due to covert 19.

  • That's more than 4000 families praying for the best, fearing the worst lives on hold.

  • The NHS is a family, too, and it's mourned its own.

  • Yeah, more than 200 frontline staff have died in the pandemic and see you because they didn't want to get you tired, senior charge nurse Dom would at the Royal London feared he wouldn't make it after contracting the virus over Christmas.

  • E was doing everything I could to try and deep breathe and everything that I tell everyone to dio.

  • And that was quite a scary moment because yeah, you see, until they were the first wave, I'm just like wave.

  • I've seen what can happen is scary.

  • Yeah, We're all scared that the grave diggers will keep working due to Covic.

  • This cemetery in north east London has had to expand because of the pandemic dead today across the UK more than 94,000.

  • That's over 20,000 more than the number of civilians who died in our country in World War Two.

  • We're all scared that things will get worse before they get better.

  • We're all scared of the cruel ripples of the pandemic lockdowns, mental health problems, economic shock.

  • So where's the light?

  • Martin Griffiths is a consultant trauma surgeon at the Royal London More used to dealing with gunshot wounds and stabbings.

  • Now he's helping out, giving people vaccine jabs.

  • What do you think of anti of access?

  • They have my thoughts and prayers.

  • They're wrong.

  • They're so wrong.

  • And either by a lack of knowledge, lack of understanding or unwillingness to accept the reality of what we're what we're seeing there actively contributing to the detriment of our society.

  • Next, please salvation, then for the end of a needle and maybe soon will be able to smile.

  • It's true.

  • The NHS is here for us, from cradle to grave, part of the origin myth of Postwar modern Britain.

  • But coronavirus has given us a glimpse into a dark future a time when the men and women of the service can't help everyone is they would like.

  • Is that the true lesson of this pandemic that to see the NHS crumble means losing a part of who we are?

  • Clive My Reid, BBC News.

Now all this week, Clive Marie has been reporting from the Royal London Hospital, which has been inundated with covert patients.

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Covid frontline: the harrowing work of fighting for lives at a London hospital - BBC News

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