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  • We look at it from a talent perspective, and we know it's there.

  • But let's face reality.

  • He's been somewhat even as an M V.

  • P candidate has been somewhat of an afterthought, because way glow so much about the showing just Shawn Watson and Lamar Jackson.

  • I'm saying that when you look at Josh Allen, if this brother shows up and pulls it off and knocked off Patrick Mahomes Oh, my God, what he has to game.

  • What he has to lose is that he remains a member of Bills Mafia.

  • We applaud his, his his philanthropy and other things, and we just say, OK, he's a good quarterback.

  • Yeah, they're the Buffalo Bills, but this brother beats Patrick Mahomes.

  • You're talking about for years to come.

  • We gotta look at Patrick Mahomes in him at the two primary quarterbacks in the entire A f C.

  • That, to me, is what I appeal from this, Which is why I think there's so much at stake.

  • I get your point, the difference between how more to gain as opposed to what's at stake.

  • But I'm just saying I'm taking it all into consideration.

  • I'm keeping on Allen a little bit right now I have in top five.

  • I would have Mahomes one.

  • Rogers, Watson, Wilson.

  • Alan, No, no, I don't disagree with What I'm saying is we haven't talked about him like that.

  • We're talking about this season.

  • I'm saying this takes Let me let me say something about them another Let me say something about why Yanis Candra op four spots for me overnight or why I can change my opinion in a kind of global way based on a small sample.

  • Don't defend yourself.

  • This guy just changed his opinion.

  • The top of the show.

  • But no, Sure, sure, sure.

  • But I mean like molten on one moment argument.

  • A weak argument on your part.

  • Here's the drop the dip from the other day that here's the issue.

  • And by the way, this like, unites you and the analytics community.

  • Yeah, the analytics E o, no.

  • Oh, God.

  • Rather, listen again, you call.

  • I'm a lot with on and I'm against both of you on I'm against both here.

  • There's the issue.

  • Where's your pocket?

  • Just because just because something occurred, members of the analytics community will say that might not be a repeatable skill that may not be just you can't just You can't just say that's all because of it all redounds Justo one person's credit greatness, you know, because a lot of things had to happen.

  • And maybe in that same situation, you running back 10 times is not gonna happen every time.

  • To me, that's beside the point.

  • The point is, what actually happened, right?

  • Not well, if you and so one moment, especially super high leverage games, absolutely dramatically affect the way I think about a player, particularly if I see them as a clutch player and their clutch nous.

  • The fact that they always come through under pressure, it seems, is one of the reasons I raped them so highly like CO I.

  • I was shocked that he played poorly in Game seven because usually you can rely on him to play well.

  • Mahomes so far has been almost perfect.

  • Even when he stumbled, he's led amazing comebacks all last level, all last less.

  • If he fails to do that this weekend, well, he didn't do it.

  • If he does it every single time, he's taking care of business.

  • The only thing that I would say about Max's argument is this.

  • You're so wrong and you should have had your basketball license, your license to talk basketball stripped because guess what?

  • Yannis was never the best in the world.

  • He never should have been the best in the world.

  • That's the point.

  • So I understood you came from the Thursday to the Monday And what conclusion you came to that Monday.

  • There was no one who knows.

  • Basketball that looked at him is the best in the world.

  • He won the M v p all right, you're something, said the best one.

  • Always e.

  • I was betting he was abandoned.

  • The Super Bowl pick.

  • No one wants to hear from you about changing your mind anymore.

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We look at it from a talent perspective, and we know it's there.

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Stephen A. examines what's at stake for Josh Allen in the AFC Championship Game | First Take

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/22
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