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  • the type of trip that might include physical activity, interaction with other cultures and spending time in nature.

  • As an industry, it's growing, but it's not for everyone.

  • Adventure tourists often get outside their comfort zone.

  • For some, that's the goal.

  • They may be taking part of dangerous hikes or activities, and they may be traveling through hostile areas.

  • But adventure tourism can allow people to see firsthand something exotic that they wouldn't see back home.

  • Ah, 105 mile trail through Egypt is one example.

  • Daybreak over the Red Sea Mountains.

  • Guys, this is one of my favorite mountains.

  • It's called Jabal Gotye.

  • Kind of looks like flames rising up out of a fire until recently off the tourism path.

  • These peaks are a familiar sight for British explorer Ben Hofler, who five years ago set out to create the first long distance trail in mainland Egypt.

  • The Red Sea Mountains have always been a really key area for Egypt.

  • Many civilizations came here, and they made ways through these mountains, from the Faroes to the Ptolemy's to the Romans.

  • What we did with the Red Sea Mountain Trail was identify all of these old roots and put these together in a way that creates a hiking route for modern times.

  • The trail is one of two routes been a set up in the country.

  • Joining him in this trip are the fellow hikers who, back in 2015, worked with him to develop a similar trail in the Sinai Peninsula.

  • Developing trails for tourism is something that is now a trend on bits growing very, very fast.

  • But having people that have lived in this land, or maybe hundreds of years, adds another completely different aspect to this experience.

  • Joining up in ancient network of trade travel in hunting groups, 170 kilometer long path crosses the land of the Maza.

  • As one of Egypt's largest tribes, they were instrumental in the development of the trail.

  • The trails, they're 100% owned by the Bedouin community.

  • But in the process of creation, we walked together for thousands of kilometers.

  • If the pyramids or a monument to the Egyptians a path, a trail would be the best monument to the Bedouin as a traveling people.

  • For me, there's no better way to show who the Bedouin are than toe walk a path with them.

  • My stuff This is for allergy of the chest.

  • Everything here really serves a purpose.

  • When fully operational trail will take 10 days to complete on.

  • By offering an authentic cultural immersion with the Maza, it will open up on the least known areas on cultures of Egypt to a new type of adventure tourism.

  • The beauty of it is that when you create a trail, this creates a micro economy around the benefits.

  • The local people of that particular region, part for me, shows where they've come from.

  • It shows who they are, how they've lived.

  • Um, on perhaps this part that can be part of the story of whether going in the future, too.

the type of trip that might include physical activity, interaction with other cultures and spending time in nature.

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What Is Adventure Tourism?

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